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                                           Expressing compliments and congratulations
                                        is a way for you to appreciate something. This can

                                         provide motivation for people who receive it, so

                                                there is nothing wrong if we do this.

                          A.  LET’S READ AND STUDY

                                                              EXPRESSIONS OF GIVING

                                                                         You  will  use  expressions  of
                                                                         giving compliments to give praise
                                                                         to   someone’s     achievements,
                                                                         appearances,  and  many  more.
                                                                         Here  are  some  examples  of
                     Figure 2. Giving compliments to each other          expressions       of       giving
                              Source: google. images
                                                                         compliments and the responses:

                     Expressions of Giving Compliments                         Responses
                Well done!                                     Thank you so much.

                Good Job!                                      Thanks.
                Brilliant!                                     Thanks a lot.

                You look so beautiful today.                   Thank you, you are so kind.

                Amazing! You sing this song beautifully.       Please don’t mention it.
                You are awesome!                               It’s nothing.

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