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Nice shoes! I really love the color.           Don’t be too much.

                You are so good at playing basketball.
                You are really a smart student.

                Your cake is very delicious.

                          HAVE YOU EVER GIVEN A COMPLIMENT?

                                                          Examples  of  Compliments  or
                                                   praise  for  everyday  life  make  your

                                                   learning more enjoyable. Everyone feels
                                                   like  getting  credit  for  what  he  or  she
                                                   does.  A  compliment  is  a  form  of

                                                   appreciation,  pride,  and  respect  for
                                                   various things, either because of words,
                                                   behavior, appearance, or achievements.

                                    Dialogue Example

                              Reading the following dialog

                                                                              Thank you for your
                                                                          compliment, David. I really
                  I love your painting, Luna.
                                                                            hope I can open an art
                   You will be a good artist
                           one day.                                         gallery when I grow up.

                                                                                        Figure 4. Congratulating
                                                                                        Source: google. images

                                                                                Thanks, David. I really
                  That is a great idea!                                           want to be a good

                  Your mom must be                                                artist just like her
                     proud of you.

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