Page 13 - E-Book_English for Elementary School Students Grade 4_Ida Ayu Cantika Cahya Putri
P. 13

Well done!                        Your bag is                      You got a full
                  Congrats for                        very cute. I                    score! That’s

                   winning the                      really love the                 really awesome!
                   gold medal.                          design.                     Congratulations!

                                                LET'S DISCUSS!

                    After listening and speaking together with the teacher earlier, do
                                                       you think:

                                            1. Which is a Compliment?

                                         2. Which one is Congratulating?

                   C. DISCUSSION

                                 C.  LET’S WRITE

               Make a compliment sentence based on the following situations.


                                Your Friend looks beautiful on her birthday party.

                               You say: I love your dress. You look very beautiful.

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