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                   Like you who want to hear compliments from other people, there's
                    nothing wrong if you express compliments to someone you might
                      admire or just like in certain ways. Because the right words of
                  compliments can encourage someone to be better and increase the

                                            positive things you praise.

                                                                 EXPRESSIONS OF

                                                      You use expressions of congratulating when you give
                                                      congratulation utterances to someone that is succeed
                                                      in achieving something. Here are some examples of
                                                      expressions of congratulating:

                      Figure 4. Congratulating
                       Source: google. images

                        Expressions of Giving Compliments                           Responses

              Congratulations!                                          Thank you so much.
              Congrats!                                                 Thanks.

              Good job! Congratulation on winning the marathon race.    Thanks a lot.

              Congrats! I’m so proud of you.                            Thank you, you’re so kind.
              Congratulations for your success.                         It’s nothing.

              I would like to congratulate you on…
              I must congratulate you…

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