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Unit 1 Who Will Get the Gold?

Reading Comprehension

In October 1755, the Spanish king Charles III hired a French ship. The ship
was Notre Dame de la Deliverance. King Charles III wanted the ship to take
gold and other treasure from South America to Spain. The Spanish stole the
treasure from the Inca Empire. There was a lot of treasure on the ship. The
Spanish put 437 kilograms of gold, 15,000 gold coins, six boxes of gemstones,
and over a million silver coins on the ship. On November 1, 1755, Notre Dame de
la Deliverance sank in a storm. The Spanish lost their treasure.

In January 2003, an American treasure-hunting company found the ship. The
company‟s name was Sub Sea Research. They were experts at finding lost ships.
Notre Dame de la Deliverance was in 200 feet of water. It was 40 miles south of
Florida. Today the treasure on the ship is worth three billion dollars.

Sub Sea Research thought they would be rich. However, there was a problem
because the Spanish government wanted the gold too. They said King Charles
hired the ship, and the treasure belonged to the Spanish. Sub Sea Research said
that the treasure belonged to them because they found the ship. Today, Sub Sea
Research and the Spanish government are still fighting about the gold. Who will
get the gold? No one knows. A judge will make the decision. Whoever gets the
gold _____________________!

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