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Unit 1 Animal’s Lifetimes

Reading Comprehension

People live about 70 years. Some animals live longer than people. The Indian
elephant lives 70 years. The golden eagle lives about 80 years. But our pets have
shorter lives than us. A cat or dog only lives about 20 years! Many other animals
have shorter lives, too.

How long do other animals live? A guinea pig lives about five years. A mouse
has a shorter life — about two years. Most insects have even shorter lives. They
cannot live a year! Larger animals often live longer than smaller animals. A deer
lives to 20 or 25. A horse or alligator can live to 50. A giant tortoise can be older
than 100!

Do bigger animals always live longer than smaller animals? Not always. One
small animal — a clam — was 405 years old! A clam is a kind of shellfish, and it
lives under the sea. Do you want to see a really old animal? Then look under the

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