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 Nowhere Better than the Local Area for Holiday Shopping!
By BRittany amalfi
Well, it’s officially that time of year again: the holidays! And we all know that with the holi- days comes the dreaded holiday shopping. We go through this every year. Trying to pick out the perfect gift, when to carve time out of our busy schedules, and where to go shopping. Of course, let’s not forget how packed those places can get, either. All in all, it can absolutely be a hair-pull- ing experience. But does it really have to be?
The holidays are supposed to be all about having fun and spending time with our friends and family, so why do we always need to feel stressed about shop- ping? I totally get it; We all want to find that perfect gift for the special people in our lives, and most of the time, that can be ex- ceptionally hard to do. But then again, we often forget that when we’re participating in the chaos of holiday shopping, we forget about an essential aspect: local business.
Local businesses, especially local businesses in Newfound, have a very family-like feeling to them, which, as I said, the hol- idays are supposed to be about family. Don’t get me
wrong; I know those
big corporations have hundreds of options for
gifts, but if you’re look-
ing for that “perfect”
gift with a sense of fam-
ily in the air, you shop
There are so many
unique local businesses
in the Newfound area,
and the people of
this community have
known to walk into a
store and it feel like
they’re coming home.
The people who run
these small businesses provide for the community and just want to help everyone find what they need to have a great holiday and a great life. Shopping local is also a tremendous benefit to the com- munity you live in, and what bet-
ter way to benefit the community than by shopping locally during the holidays?
Not only does shopping lo- cally help keep funds in the
ity, and they are the ones that will have the perfect gift. Local business owners might also work with shoppers who might be a little lost on what to get. That’s
the beauty of a small busi- ness – they want to help. Authenticity is key, and Newfound is teeming with small businesses that are packed to the brim with it.
There are so many different gift ideas! Local businesses in Newfound, or just in general, are loaded with items that are handmade, home-cooked, and just downright cre- ative for everyone in the family. Quality is what all of these products have in common, and you’re going to find that when
browsing the shelves of a local business. And you’re not going to find these products anywhere else. Small companies typically choose to stray away from the mass trends that all of these big corporations follow, so the prod-
ucts you find locally are going to have so much more individuality. Shopping local means invest- ing in your community. By buy- ing from small businesses, you’re benefiting the community's over- all economy. The Newfound community has done so much for us; why not give back? It also provides an excellent opportunity to see new businesses open and thrive, giving people more op-
tions for quality products.
So, all in all, shop this holi- day season locally. Heck, do it all year round! Newfound is full of phenomenal small businesses filled with quality products, ser- vices, and people. So stop in, browse around, and I bet you’ll find that perfect gift. You’re not going to get that feeling of family and comfort at those big corpo- rations, so take a look around at what’s in your area because there are a lot of wonderful businesses
waiting for you to come home.
 community (We want to keep Newfound thriving, after all) there is so much room for finding unique gifts you wouldn’t find in some Super Target or a crowded mall. Small businesses thrive on their individuality and creativ-
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