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November 2023
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around them, NLRA works to inspire the next generation of stewards and fulfill the mis- sion of protecting Newfound Lake and its watershed. Along with programs like Newfound Nature Station, NLRA main- tains Grey Rocks Conserva- tion Area in all seasons as a place for people and wildlife alike. It offers walking trails, a picnic area, fishing alcoves, and a non-motorized boat launch and is frequented by wildlife like loons, turtles, and bald eagles as well as people.
Learn more about NLRA in- cluding other upcoming events at
 HEBRON – Join the New- found Lake Region Associa- tion (NLRA) as we explore how wildlife prepares for the coming winter during Newfound Nature Station, a free program that con- nects youth and families to the natural world. This event will be held at Grey Rocks Conservation Area at 178 N Shore Road, He- bron, NH, on November 14th from1pmto3pm&18thfrom 10amto12pm.Asdaysgrow shorter and the weather cools, local plants and animals use a variety of strategies to get ready for winter- some will hibernate, some will leave, and others will get ready for the cold. At Nature
Station, we’ll do a scav- enger hunt on the trails, learn about the chang- ing wildlife community, and make a craft to take home. This program is free and open to all.
Newfound Nature Station, along with
other family programs
and events, is part of NLRA’s year-round
work to encourage res-
idents and visitors to
enjoy the natural beauty
around them, learn
more about the environment and how to protect it, and fall in love with the Newfound Water-
Photo of red squirrel cache courtesy of the National Park Service
shed. By connecting the people of Newfound to the wonders
Updates from the NLRA
Newfound Nature Station gets ready for winter!
  Apple Festival and Craft Fair Wrap-up – ‘A Parade of Pies’
If you happened to walk into the Tapply-Thompson Com- munity Center last Friday, you would have noticed an aroma that lingered like a late after- noon and was very reminiscent of grandma’s kitchen, with a pa- rade of pies and assorted crisps, breads, and beans being made by almost 40 amazing volunteers.
Tables on the lower level of the Center were lined with
home-made goods set to be sold at our 40th Annual Apple Festival and Craft Fair, as the October 7th event saw a lot of friends and folks visit us with 110 pies, 75 crisps and 45 pints of beans sold. We want to send out a huge thank you to all our volunteers who helped create the baking bonanza and to our community, who are always very supportive of our special events.
  Thank you!
As another season presents it-
self with scarecrows, pumpkins, and cooler weather, we also want to express our deepest thanks for your help in meeting our second Donor Challenge for our ongo- ing Capital Campaigns. We re- cently received a very generous donation that pushed us over the
top, to receive the Match Dona- tion pledged at the start of our campaign. These funds will go directly to the two building proj- ects we currently have underway, as we truly thank you for your help in meeting this challenge!
Please stay tuned to the TTCC News for updates on our building projects progress as
we have an email subscription ‘Eblast’ newsletter that goes out about every two weeks that will help keep people informed. If you’d like to be added to the Eb- last ‘TTCC Happenings,’ please forward your email to us at Have a super Fall Season!

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