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 September 2023 Page 8 NEWFOUNDLAKELIFE.COM
Late Summer Birding with What To Do Around Newfound!
offered to children as part of the New
NLRA at Grey Rocks! Hampshire Marathon on Saturday, Septem-
Happening monthly on the second Sat-
ber 30th, to promote and foster healthy
urday 7:30am - 10am. Pancakes, eggs,
HEBRON – Join local birders
sausage, bacon, coffee & juice. Donations
••••••• SEPTEMBER 1 •••••••
eating and active living among youth.
Tom McShane, Toby Sackton &
accepted. Masonic Lodge, 61 Pleasant
St., Bristol, NH. Sponsored by Sawhegenit
Suzanne Smith for late summer
August 26, 2023 – October 1, 2023
Chapter 52 NH Eastern Star.
Come and enjoy a summertime Story-
The New Hampshire Veterans Home
Walk® along the wooded acreage of the
birding at Grey Rocks Conser-
(NHVH) is open to vendor registrations for
their 6th annual craft fair to be held Satur-
Slim Baker Conservation Area in Bristol,
••••••• SEPTEMBER 13 •••••••
vation Area, Sunday, September
day, September 30th at the Home on 139
Winter Street in Tilton, NH.
10, 8-10am. As we get closer to
The Pease Public Library, in partnership
with the Plymouth Historical Society, will
the equinox, local birds are get-
host Michael Tougias and his lecture “Thir-
Open September 1 small game hunting
teen Days in October: The Untold Cuban
ting ready for the next stage,
season for gray squirrel starts on Sep-
Missile Crisis Story” on Wednesday, Sep-
tember 1 and is a great way to introduce
whether that’s migration or set-
Lake and its watershed, main- tember 13, at 7 p.m.
••••••• OCTOBER 13 •••••••
someone new to hunting. On October 1,
taining a healthy and diverse tling in for colder weather. Join
ruffed grouse, woodcock, cottontail rab-
••••••• SEPTEMBER 15 •••••••
ecosystem. Along with educa- Suzanne, Toby, and Tom for a
bit, pheasant, and snowshoe hare seasons
October 13, 9am-12pm
each are open.
Mid-State Health Center is delighted to
Martha Twombly, NLCP committee mem-
look at the different bird commu-
tional programming like guided announce that registration is now open
ber and NLRA trustee, will lead this explo-
for the 2nd annual Little Antlers Learning
walks and paddles, NLRA mon- ••••••• SEPTEMBER 6 •••••••
nities at Grey Rocks as you walk
ration of parts of a 500 acre conservation
Center’s Glow Ball Golf Tournament. The
property in Alexandria that includes fea-
itors water quality, conserves the trails. This event is geared to-
September 6 in Concord
tournament will be held at the scenic Wa-
tures such as a bog, cliffs, and foundation
The New Hampshire Fish and Game De-
terville Valley golf course on Friday, Sep-
ward all people with an interest
land, manages stormwater pol- remains. This moderate hike is approxi-
partment and the New Hampshire Inter-
tember 15th, 2023.
mately 3 miles. Dogs are not allowed.
lution, and monitors for inva- scholastic Athletic Association (NHIAA)
in exploring the natural world.
will hold a High School Bass Fishing
••• ONGOING •••
sive species. For more than 50 Registration is required for this
Seminar from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on
Mid-State's Little Antlers Learning Center
Mondays at the Hebron Library
is holding a Glow Ball Golf Tournament
event register and find more in-
Wednesday, September 6 at Fish and
years NLRA has been protecting Knitters Club, 2 to 4 pm
Friday, September 15, 2023 at 5:00 pm.
Game Headquarters, 11 Hazen Drive,
Bring your knitting or any portable craft
Newfound Lake, and the results formation including other up-
Space is limited so register early! For more
Concord. All student athletes, coaches,
project to the library and craft away in the
and athletic directors participating in high
information on sponsorship, or to register
of that conservation are as clear coming events at NewfoundLake.
company of friends. Support each others'
a team, visit
school bass fishing tournament activities
creations and build community. All levels
org/events or call 603-744-8689.
are encouraged to attend.
as Newfound’s water. You can of expertise are welcome.
••••••• SEPTEMBER 17 •••••••
learn more about NLRA’s initia- NLRA works to protect the
••••••• SEPTEMBER 7 •••••••
September 17, 2023, 10am-2pm
tives at high-quality waters of Newfound
To get your event listed in the
Join Newfound Lakes Region Association
Hike up to Inspiration Point for a chance
(NLRA) Watershed Steward Sawyer Zalu-
to view the start of the annual fall hawk
Calendar, please email
ki in exploring the impact of soil and its
properties on the growth and develop-
ment of ecosystems. Exploration will take
••••••• SEPTEMBER 30 •••••••
by the 19th of the month
Mental health counseling online at your
place September 7th, from 9 am to 11 am,
for the next month's issue.
convenience. Licensed counselors to support you
at the Grey Rocks Conservation Area.
All children grade K - 8 are eligible to par-
ticipate in the Kids’ Marathon on race day.
The Kids’ Marathon will be a FREE event
in navigating a variety of life's challenges,
••••••• SEPTEMBER 9 •••••••
at any age. Reach out to see how we can help!
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