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 By Brittany amalfi
bids on those prizes for the silent auction, and may the best bid win!
This will be the Bristol Ro- tary Club’s 69th year holding the penny sale, and each year is better than the next. Bob Broad- hurst, a Bristol Rotarian, told me that last year’s Penny Sale went exceptionally well. They had an excellent turnout despite cancel- ing the 2020 Penny Sale because of the pandemic. It just goes to show people were ready to get back to the fun event! “Those in attendance were very generous,” Broadhurst informed me. “Local businesses were also extremely generous, especially after feeling the effects of going through the pandemic.” The Penny Sale has been a staple in the Newfound Community for 69 years. It gets a highly positive response from the community, with hundreds
found Region and beyond. Local small businesses donate the prizes that we award. They know what Bristol Rotary does to benefit the community and are glad to help our cause.”
When asked about the process of the Bristol Rotary Club put- ting on the Penny Sale, Broad- hurst went on. “The Penny Sale is a lot of work, but it is spread out with our many members. And we really enjoy working to- gether! Having the school allow us to hold the event in their facil- ity is tremendously helpful. And wehavealotoffun!AsIsaid, we work well together as a group, from soliciting prizes to setting up and going through what can be a long evening. It is gratifying for our Club to be able to fund our scholarship program through the Penny Sale fundraiser each year. It feels like we are able to make a difference in the community we love.”
The Bristol Rotary Club continues to do admirable work by putting on the Penny Sale. Broadhurst said that the best
things about putting on this popular event are “seeing every- one’s smiling faces, continuing a beloved tradition for 69 years, and being able to give substantial scholarships to graduating New- found High School seniors each year.”
Most of the proceeds will go to the Bristol Rotary Club, where they contribute to their scholar- ship fund for the schools. In the past, they have donated about eight to ten thousand dollars for these scholarships and plan to do just that again this year. For more information on the Bristol Ro- tary Club’s Penny Sale, you can check out their Facebook page at @bristolrotaryclub.
For those who are not familiar, Rotary is a worldwide non-profit organization of more than 1.2 million business, professional, and community leaders. Mem- bers of Rotary clubs, known as Rotarians, provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.
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 The Bristol Rotary Club Penny Sale will be held on Au- gust 11th at 6:30 PM at the Newfound Memorial Middle School in Bristol, so start feeling lucky! With tickets only being one dollar, one ticket gives you a hundred chances to win some awesome prizes from local busi- nesses. The penny sale consists of three rounds; the red, white, and blue round, and each round has one hundred prizes. When your ticket is called, and you claim your winnings, someone will come out and run your prize to you, and the round will keep going. Since there will be three rounds on top of a silent auc- tion, the Rotary Club has about three hundred amazing prizes to give away on this fun-filled night! People are welcome to write their
of people showing up to partic- ipate. “Generations of families look forward to it every year,” Broadhurst said. The outpouring of support from the community doesn’t dwindle with each year the Penny Sale continues. In fact, Broadhurst noted that many have talked about how they at- tended as children, and now they can share the experience with their kids and grandchildren. Just as the families are supportive, there’s no denying the fact that the local businesses are just as helpful. “We are always amazed at how supportive our local busi- nesses are from all over the New-
One Hundred More Chances to Win!
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