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 Every Child is Ours:
Fueling Hope with a Food and Fundraiser Spectacle
By Donna rhoDes
On December 16, local po- lice departments joined forces to help raise money and collect food donations for the Newfound Area’s Every Child is Ours pro- gram, providing nutritious foods for local children who may find themselves hungry throughout the weekends when they are not in school.
Every Child is Ours is a non-
profit organization under the cooperative direction of the Bris- tol Police Department and their partners at Tapply-Thompson Community Center, where all donations are collected, bagged, and distributed to Newfound Area schools.
Sgt. Steve Henry of Bristol Police was joined last month by Alexandria Police Officer Josh Reynolds, Hill Police Chief Joe
Guerriero, Danbury Police Chief Chris Kelby, and other officers from New Hampton and Bristol as they encouraged shoppers at Hannaford Supermarket to help them “Cram the Cruiser” with some much-needed food items on their list or even cash so more food can be purchased in the fu- ture.
Henry said that currently ECIO is assisting 142 children,
many of whom take part in school breakfast and lunch pro- grams but may be lacking in nourishment over the weekends. Through ECIO, each of the chil- dren is given a bag of food and snacks to take home each Fri- day. The bags contain ten items, which may include single-serve cereals, bags of crackers, maca- roni and cheese, a small can of vegetables, fruit cups, and much
“With 142 kids signed on to
Every Child is Ours right now, that means we send out 1,420 food items each week,” said Henry.
At this year’s December Cram the Cruiser food and funds event, the officers were grateful to see so many people step up in sup-
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Pemi-Baker Hospice & Home Health Highlights the Transformative Benefits of Hospice Care for Patients & Families
within that timeframe, but rather that it is the anticipated duration. Hospice services fall under Medi- care A benefits, meaning that the hospice provider covers the cost of care related to the terminal diagnosis.
The comprehensive range of services provided under hospice care includes skilled nursing, medical equipment, necessary medical supplies, medications, social worker support, chaplain services for spiritual needs, assis- tance from home health aides, bereavement support, and respite care. All these services can be ad- ministered either in the patient's home or in a facility.
In cases where a patient is in a facility, hospice services act as an additional layer of support, com- plementing the existing care pro- vided by the facility. This ensures that patients receive holistic and personalized care that addresses their unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
"Pemi-Baker Hospice & Home Health is dedicated to en- hancing the quality of life for in- dividuals facing terminal illnesses and providing invaluable support to their families. Hospice care is not about giving up; it's about improving the remaining time, offering comfort, and empower- ing patients to live their final days with dignity," said Melissa Smith, RN, MSN, Home Health, Palli- ative Care & Hospice Director at Pemi-Baker Hospice & Home Health.
By dispelling misconceptions
and highlighting the array of services offered, Pemi-Baker Hospice & Home Health aims to encourage individuals and their families to consider hospice care as a positive and transformative option during challenging times. For more information about the benefits of hospice care, please contact us by calling 603-536-
Pemi-Baker Hospice & Home
Health is a trusted, nonprofit agency proudly serving 32 towns in central and northern NH since 1967. Expert services include at- home healthcare and physical therapies (VNA), hospice and palliative care, and community programs including: American
Red Cross CPR/AED/FA, Care- giver and Bereavement Support Groups and Ask A Pemi-Baker Nurse days at your local senior centers. Providing compassionate care with experienced staff who are trained, certified professionals and also your neighbors. In your time of need, we’re right where you need us.
 By anna sWanson
PLYMOUTH, MEREDITH, LINCOLN, BRISTOL – Facing a terminal diagnosis is undoubt- edly a challenging time for both patients and their families. Pemi- Baker Hospice & Home Health, a leading provider of compas- sionate end-of-life care, empha- sizes that hospice services can bring comfort, support, and a renewed focus on quality of life during this difficult journey.
Contrary to common miscon- ceptions, being on hospice does not signify an imminent end to life. In fact, it is not uncommon for patients to graduate from hospice care, demonstrating the positive impact these services can have. Pemi-Baker Hospice & Home Health aims to shed light on the numerous benefits of hos- pice care, not only for the patient but also for their family and care- givers.
To qualify for hospice, patients must have a terminal diagnosis with an expected life expectancy of six months or less. However, this does not mean that the pa- tient will necessarily pass away

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