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Community NH Music Festival Announces $100,000 Matching Challenge PLYMOUTH – Following
The New Hampshire Music their successful management
Festival builds community and three weeks of engaging
and enriches lives through the performances last year, the NH
shared experience of excep- Music Festival Musicians de-
tional classical music perfor- serve congratulations, praise,
mances and outreach. We draw and increased support from
from the best of the past to the everyone in 2024. To start
edge of the future to champion this year's fundraising, long-
classical music as a universal time supporters of the Festival,
language of expression and un- Brenda and Preston Conklin,
have offered to match the first
NHMF was founded in 1952 and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit or- $100,000 of donations received
ganization, EIN# 02-0245614. by February 15, 2024, resulting
in a total of $200,000 for the
To contact the Festival, email or call 603-238- Festival. This opportunity dou-
match to encourage supporters
be gratefully received.
chamber, and free community
2024 will be the Festival’s
bles the impact of each donor's
to increase their donations to
this important cause."
gift, which will "raise the baton"
72nd year, promising four weeks
for NHMF.
of performances and the return
To send a gift to the New
of the NHMF Chorus. The
Hampshire Music Festival, mail
To quote the Conklins:
a check to NHMF, PO Box 64,
"Classical music has enriched
Festival brings the gift of world-
our lives, and we want it to con-
class performers to Plymouth to
Plymouth, NH 03264, or do-
inspire us with their orchestra,
nate online at It will
tinue. We are publicizing our
   Greg BARKER
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 Your Insurance Guy Homeowners Insurance
  By Jim King neWfounD insuranCe
For most people, their home is their most important tangi- ble asset. First and foremost, it provides safety from the el- ements and a warm and pro- tected shelter. But insuring a home or perhaps more accu- rately deciphering a Home- owner’s Insurance Policy can be a mind-numbing experi- ence.
Here are a couple of things will help you better under- stand your homeowners policy and determine whether or not you are properly covered in the event of an loss.
Coverage A - Dwelling Coverage A defines the limit of the policy or said another way, the maximum amount of money the insurance company will pay in the event you have a loss. This is critically import- ant given the recent increase in
costs of material and labor for
normal living expenses while living at another location if the home repairs. Make sure that
residence is unavailable due your Coverage A limit is high
enough to cover the cost if you
to a covered loss. Depending upon the type of Homeown- have to totally rebuild your
ers policy, Coverage D may house as might be the case in
the event of a fire.
cover up to 30% of the value
of Coverage A but is limited to Coverage B – Other
two weeks.
Structures – 10% of Cov-
erage A
In our next column we will explain “Additional Cover- Coverage B is also known
ages” or “Other Coverages”
as “other structures” coverage.
Coverage B protects structures
provided by or contained in your homeowners policy. They
on your property not physically
are Debris Removal, Reason- connected to your home, such
as a detached garage, storage
able Repairs, Trees Shrubs ~A shed, barn, fences and swim-
and Plants, Fire Department Service Charges, Property re- ming pools
moved, Credit Card, Fund Coverage C – Unsched-
uled Personal Property –
Transfer and Forgery, Loss 50% of Coverage A
Assessment, Collapse, Glass or Safety Glazing Material, Col- Coverage C also known as
“unscheduled personal prop-
lapse, Landlord’s Furnishings erty” covers your personal
and Ordinance of Law.
property without having to list
Please feel free to call us each individual item. Cover-
with any questions or concerns age is not limited to personal
about your insurance cover- property in your home as Cov-
ages. We are happy to help. We are here to answer any ques- erage C provides coverage for
tions. Feel free to call us 603- personal property in your car
or for the personal property of
744-5000 or email us at info@
your child away at college.
Coverage D – Loss of Use
Our ad is on the front page
or visit our website Coverage D covers addi-
tional living expenses beyond
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