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One Mans' Terrorist, another Mans' Freedom Fighter
By mJC - opinion
Religious wars, what can you say about them? You can't de- feat an ideology that's been in- grained in their respective DNA for millenia. It's an old, tired story. No matter how many you delete, you in turn create that many more, there is an inex- haustible, ready made supply of replacements waiting in the wings to step up and carry on the insanity. It is a fool's errand. Israel, for example, understand- ably in light of October 7th, wants to erase Hamas from the planet, just as Hamas wants to eliminate Jews across the globe and will not stop until they have accomplished their stated goal. The Middle East is a powder keg looking for a match. Who's right, who's wrong? I believe it all comes down to context. Take the Palestinians for exam- ple, are all Palestinians Hamas?
Not likely, but they have (the residents of the Gaza Strip) allowed Hamas to represent them, whether by choice,force or coercion, in any case Hamas is housed there and operates from there mainly, but not solely. The terrorist atrocities that took place on October 7th were launched from the Gaza strip by members of Hamas which kicked off this latest Holy war in the region. I say Holy war, but it's a one sided reli- gious war. Israel is reacting to a terrorist onslaught enacted by Hamas terrorists, while Hamas is motivated by the Hamas Cov- enants of 1988 and revised in 2017. I'm not aware of an Is- raeli or Jewish covenant that dictates erasing all Arabs from the planet. Hamas, on the other hand, has made no attempt to hide their contempt for the Is- raelis and Jews everywhere and
their stated goal of eradicating all Jews from the planet
What is the end state? For Hamas, it seems anyway, the active extinction of the Jew- ish faith and Jews everywhere. For Israel it is the elimination of Hamas, not the entirety of the Islamic faith or the Arabic
world. These wars will never end, they may stall, there may be cease fires and stalemates, but they will never end as long as there is a religious tint to it. History repeats itself, and it seems that that message contin- ually falls on deaf ears. As long as there is a "Middle East" or
a "SouthWest Asia", and there are opposing religious beliefs in the area, there will be wars and conflicts, no surprise there. Will we as humans ever learn from history? it doesn't appear so.. Wash, rinse, repeat.
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