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January 2024 NEWFOUNDLAKELIFE.COM Page 23 The Ripple Effect on KTHO
  “It’s a documented fact. One person’s kindness can have a ripple effect. It’s like spreading goodwill, like in a pandemic. Wait, no, scratch that. You know like when people stand up at a football stadium and do the wave? Like that, it’s more like that ...” [Will Ferrell as “Christ- mas Present” in “Spirited.”]
A few weeks ago, this writer sat down with Martha Rich- ards and Bob Gannett: Martha is the Plymouth Area Com- munity Closet (PACC) Board Chairperson, and Bob works with the financial and fuel as- sistance program; they both have years of experience with PACC. Martha explained that during the Holiday season some 18-plus years ago, she and a friend decided that instead of throwing an expensive Christ- mas celebration, they would use the party money to help needy neighbors pay their heating bills. So began The Keep the Heat On” program. The program gained traction and, for conti- nuity, was established at and is administered by PACC. Bob is the PACC staff volunteer who advises clients asking for finan- cial fuel help on how to apply for assistance; once they are ap- proved, Bob arranges for funds to be applied to the client’s ac- count with an approved fuel pro- vider. Bob relayed that whoever asks for help gets it as a one-time grant per year grant.
A tribute to the communities served by PACC is that the gen- erosity of their individual and small business owner donations has produced a wave of support throughout the years. KTHO's fundraising has brought in the dollars needed to underwrite PACC’s financial fuel assistance program. Consequently, hun- dreds of our neighbors in need have been helped by KTHO. Martha and Bob also discussed that while most contributors are local townspeople, there are some long-term donors who live out-of-state, love New Hampshire and its people, and continue to choose to support PACC and the KTHO mission. And while our individual donor list is too long for this piece, it’s a good time to say Thank You to KTHO’s current list of small business owner sponsors:
Bruce Ahern, Badger Pea- body and Smith, Bank of New Hampshire, Conklin & Reyn- olds PA, Construx, Inc., Frank and Marion Hauck, Frog Hol- low Forestry, R.M. Piper Con- struction, and Waterville Valley Realty.
In November 2023, the World Food Program USA stated, “Americans are gen- erous, and it’s that collective generosity that helps make a profoundly positive impact on the world.” In their most recent report (2023), the Charity Aid Foundation, which tracks global
giving trends, rated the USA number 5 in the World Giving Index. The concept of Keep the Heat On and the reliability and consistency of its donors and sponsors is a local but powerful example of “American generos- ity.” Goodwill and generosity ripple through our communities much like that big group wave in a jam-packed sports stadium, and the KTHO committee says Thank You!!!
On January 24th, the Com- mon Man Inn, Plymouth, will host the KTHO annual fund- raiser. The event kicks off at 5:30 p.m. with a cocktail and social hour. David Lockwood, New Hampshire singer, song- writer, and musician, and Jim Tyrell’s dueling pianos will provide entertainment. A buffet dinner of popular chefs prepared and donated main dishes and desserts will be served (Ripple #4). The cash bar stays open throughout the evening. Don’t miss this fun event that celebrates our col- lective generosity to help others Keep the Heat On. Tickets are $60.00 per person they can be purchased now KTHO2024. This event sells out every year, so get your tick- ets now! By the way, have you found all the ripples?
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