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                 Upper Extremity Exercise/Pulleys
    1 Sammons Preston Shoulder Pulley
This easy to use shoulder pulley rope set can be mounted in a doorway or other overhead mounting. It is a low cost, simple
to use device that helps increase range of motion, assists stretching of the upper body and can be used for the prevention and rehabilitation of shoulder injuries. It is suitable for home or clinic use. Includes pulley, handles, nylon cord, door anchor and illustrated instructions.
2 TheraBandTM Shoulder Pulley
A tool for rehab professionals working with shoulder patients. The pulley’s distinct black marks provide patients with immediate visual feedback on progress and offer practitioners a mechanism for directing patients with clear, accurate instructions.
Other features include:
• Sturdy door anchor - compatible with any standard door jamb • Soft foam handles - offer extra comfort during use
• Adjustable rope length - provides custom fit and versatility 091531581
3 Rolyan® Reach’N Range Pulley
Easy-to-use pulley system for strengthening weakened shoulders and increasing range of motion. Features the innovative, easily adjusted ROM stop to control range-of-motion patterns.
Easy length adjustability to fit patients quickly. Lightweight
and compact for travelling convenience. Fits standard and thick doors.
081297167 A With Webbing Strap
081297175 B With Metal Bracket
4 Rolyan® Reach’N Range Overhead Pulley
Simple to use for re-building muscles and increasing range
of motion. Dual overhead pulley offers extra stability and can be used with weights on one handle to counterbalance the strength of the opposite extremity. Weights (not included) can be added as strength improves. Overhead system positions the patient away from the door, allowing more free range-of-motion patterns, such as PNF patterns. Appropriate for home and clinic use. 081297134
5 Rolyan® Graded ROM Arc
Rolyan® Graded ROM Arc is excellent for treatment of any upper extremity deficit that impairs range of motion. With an adjustable arc and the size of the natural wood base, this product is portable. Thus, it works for clinical or home use.
• Arc adjusts to 15˝, 20˝, 25˝ and 30˝ heights • Base measures 36×3/4×6˝
• Plastic tube is 3/4˝
• Includes 12 rings
• Latex free 081033125
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