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                 Upper Extremity Exercise
                LATEX FREE
 1 Rolyan® Incline Board
Moulded-plastic board can be permanently mounted to a table top or clamped down temporarily. Board can be positioned at different angles to provide varying degrees of shoulder extension. Measures 79cm high, 22cm wide, with a 61cm base. Use bilateral handles or a single handle for one-handed exercise. Handled piece is a 7×14×22cm box to which weights can be added for increased resistance. Latex free.
2 Rolyan® Climbing Board and Bar
Frame features 7 rubber-tipped extensions on each side that are 10cm apart. Made of hardened aluminium. Climbing board bar (96.5cm) has handle grips that protect the hands when weights are attached to the bar and provide better grasp and comfort. Climbing board measures 91cm high x 62cm long. Base has two holes drilled for permanent attachment to an exercise table, or the device can be temporarily attached by C-clamps or vice grips (not included).
3 Rolyan® Climbing Board Accessory Kit
Expand use of the Rolyan® Climbing Board above by combining activities to improve perceptual motor skills with activities
that increase upper extremity range of motion, strength and coordination. Two double-faced pattern cards attach to the back of the Rolyan® Climbing Board with hook and loop. Nylon cord (30m) is supplied in plastic container. For added variety, there are two matching sets of coloured plastic tabs numbered 1 to 7 that provide additional activities.
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