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                 Foot Care Materials
   1 Otoform K2 Kit
A mouldable putty with the addition of a curing agent which hardens to form a permanent rubbery appliance. 091260546 170g
091260637 800g
091260488 Hardener 20g
2 Plaster of Paris Bandage
A cost effective method of obtaining slipper impressions of the patient’s feet. Simple immersion in water allows the Plaster of Paris bandages to be wrapped around the lower section of the foot to form a slipper which rapidly dries to a permanent record. 091270255 7.5cm×2.7m Roll
091270248 10cm×2.7m Roll 091270297 15cm×2.7m Roll 091270321 20cm×2.7m Roll
3 Foam Impression Box
A cost and time effective method of obtaining a cast impression.
091270305 4cm Standard 091270313 6cm Deep
4 Silipos Pressure Relief Padding
2mm Thick gel pad with self-adhesive backing used to reduce shock, impact, and vibration. Excellent for use with custom ankle foot orthosis devices.
091126259 10cm×91cm
091126267 20cm×91cm
For our range of tapes and strappings, please see pages 261 to 276. For our range of padding materials, please see pages 38 to 42.
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Foot Care

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