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ADL Writing Aids
Pen and Pencil Weights. Colorful weights assist sensory motor planning. They provide feedback for those with difficulty in vestibular or proprioceptive processing. The O-Rings secure the weights and allow them to be placed anywhere on the writing in- strument. Weights are approx. 1.5 oz. each. Weight Kit - 555735 includes: 6 weights,
3 grips, 12 o-rings and 12 pencils. Pencil Weight Kit - 555736 includes: 3 pencil weights and 6 o-rings.
555735 Weight Kit
555736 Pencil Weight Kit (Pkg.3)
Ideal for those with slightly tremulous or uncoordinated hands
Weighted Pen. Oversized for an easy grip. Five included weights, 8–10 grams each, can be added or removed as needed. Uses standard ballpoint pen refills. Latex free. Black ink.
Attractive Weighted Pen and Pencil. A great therapeutic aid with exclusive “pencil grip” technology! This unique, perfectly bal- anced pen reduces fatigue while increasing muscle strength. A weighted pen decreases hand tremors, improves legibility and pre- vents writer’s cramp. Weighs approximately 4.3 oz. Black ink. Retractable. Pen barrel color black. The grip is metallic black. 564111 Weighted Pen
081502491 Weighted Pencil - Black
Weighted Universal Holders. Plastic vinyl contoured handles improve grasp and control. Securely holds most round or irregularly shaped items by means of 3 adjustable set screws. Use with pens, pencils, markers, paintbrushes, crayons, toothbrushes, etc.
Adult Model. 5” long, wt. 7 oz. Accommodates items 1/8” to 7/16” in diam- eter. Comes with, Allen Wrench, 3-extra long screws for smaller objects.
402101 Deluxe Handle, 11/8” diameter
A9301 Standard Handle, 3/4” diameter
Pediatric Model. 31/2” long, 7/8” diam- eter, wt. 4 oz. Holds items 5/16” in diameter. Comes with #2 pencil, Allen Wrench. 402102 Deluxe Easy Grip Handle
555734 Standard Handle
Squiggle Wiggle WriterTM. This battery-operated pen turns straight lines into a series of loops, circles, or curves depending on how closely it’s held to the writing surface. Gives the user sensory input and encourages grasp. Includes four different color refills. Not recom- mended for people who are tactile defensive. Uses a single AA battery, not included. 557217
Pencil WeightTM. Can be used with most writing instruments or coloring tools. Designed to use alone or in conjunction with most of the commercially available pencil grippers. Constructed of durable Tricot, and filled with 1/4 pound of (lead free) steel shot. It is 33/4” long, and has
a diameter of approximately 7/8” when wrapped around a pencil. The recom- mended installation is to lay the weight flat on a table and roll it up around a pencil, securing it with the hook and loop strip. The pencil weight can be positioned 1/2” above the pencil point and be used as a “grip.” Or place the weight 1” to 2” up from the pencil point, and the user can grip the pencil itself. Both positions are equally effective.

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