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Writing Aids ADL
Pencil Grip Foam Grippers. Cushion fingers with these soft, spongy foam grips. Fit easily over pens, pencils, paintbrushes and many other utensils. Length is 13/4”; inside diameter measures 5/16”. Box of 25 in assorted colors. Latex free.
Crossover Grip.
Stops fingers from crossing over. Good for righties and lefties. Soft wings hold fin- gers in the correct position. Package of 12.
Pen/Pencil and Utensil Grips. Soft
grips slip easily onto standard round or hexagonal pencils and most ballpoint pens. Assorted colors. Sorry, no color choice. Latex free.
560115 Triangular Pen/Pencil Grips
(Pkg. 25)
Jumbo Grip. Designed by doctors, these grips work well for lefties or righties. Provides support to the second knuckle and aids arthritis and carpal tunnel sufferers. Good for all ages. Soft, comfortable mate- rial. Latex free. Package of 3.
Extreme Gel Grip. Part of The Classics collection, these grips are high quality and comfortable at an affordable price. The squishy grip provides an excellent tactile sensation for children and people with spe- cial needs. Available in a vibrant assortment of colors including Blue, Green, Orange, Pink and Purple. Package of 25. 081533272
The Crossover Original. Stops fingers from crossing over. Good for Righties and Lefties. Guards on The Crossover hold fin- gers in the correct position. Package of 12. 081533231
Typing Aid. Hand clip is attached to a soft plastic key depressor. Useful for keyboards, calculators, telephones, etc. Clip may be rebent to suit individual’s hand.
Wrist Hold-Down. Magnetized device stabilizes the wrist and hand, preventing excessive movement. Metal plate (12”W x 18”L) has a painted surface. Includes three plastic cups that attach to wrist with hook and loop closures. User selects the cup that provides the amount of friction desired when writing. Magnetic power is 35 lbs. 5395
Slip-On Typing/Keyboard Aid. Slips on and off hand easily, tightens with a hook and loop strap. Has rubber tip for touching the keys. Molded plastic adjusts with heat gun. Easy to clean. Latex free.
40930101 Small, Right 40930201 Small, Left
409301 Large, Right
409302 Large, Left
4093 Replacement Tips (Bag of 10)

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