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Writing Aids ADL
ErgoWriter. For right- or left-handed use. Designed to alleviate the pain of writing as- sociated with arthritis and other hand afflic- tions. Comfortably and correctly positions the thumb to reduce stress placed on the wrist. Can be used with most stan- dard pens and pencils. Blue ink pen included. 565779
Arthwriter Hand Aid. Versatile
tool helps people with hand or
finger disabilities to eat, write,
groom and perform other daily
activities. Particularly beneficial for
anyone who has arthritis, missing
fingers or an arm in a cast.
Provides a comfortable grip on a
pen, pencil, razor, toothbrush or
other utensil. Can be used with
many control sticks on motorized
wheelchairs. Has a 3” diameter
with a 3⁄4” hole through the
center. One end is flat to prevent rolling. A large thumbscrew on the side clamps the handle of any item inserted into the hole. Weighs only 2 oz.
Bipgrip. Makes any standard pen, pencil or crayon easy to use. Just unscrew, put the pencil in and screw together. Works for left- and right-handed users. Bipgrip is ergonomic and simplifies writing and drawing for even the weakest grip. 565961
Writing CLAW. The tripod grip ensures true finger positioning. Allows anyone with poor fine motor skills to write. Fits pens, pencils, crayons, markers, and left or right hand. Latex free; non toxic. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Blue, available in 3 sizes. 566870 Set of 4, Small
566871 Set of 4, Medium
566872 Set of 4, Large
EZ Grip® Pen. This
patented pen imme- diately neutralizes most any hand difficulty. All normal writing pressures are lessened or disconnected and do not travel through the wrist and up the arm as usual. The product
uses a finger-comfort support ledge which helps promote control and precision. The grip allows users to switch fingers or posi- tions at any time to adapt to their individual style of writing. There is no incorrect way to hold and use an EZ Grip Pen.
Steady Hand Magnetic Writing Instrument. A lightweight, ergonomically designed magnetic writing instrument. Includes a magnet located in the base, stan- dard metal work surface (12” x 18”), and 3 buffer caps of varying thickness that accommodate all levels of tremors (mild, moderate, and severe). For adults and children. 920253

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