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Steady Write® Pen. Helpful for those who have Parkinson’s, arthritis or limited use of hands. Permanently attached base sta- bilizes hand at a special angle to smooth out shaky or poor handwriting. Grip with fingers held between knuckles, or grasp like an ordinary pen. Black ink. Latex free.
Ring WriterTM Clip. Consists of two linked rings, one for
the finger and one for the implement, that automatically positions and angles the imple- ment correctly for use. Requires little or no gripping ability. Can be used by right or left-handed individuals. Comes in a bag that includes one of each size: small .58”, medium .73”, and large .87”. Made of polyethylene. Latex free.
ADL Writing Aids
The Pencil Grip. Pear-shaped design promotes correct gripping and prevents finger cramping and user discomfort. Fits any standard pencil or pen. For right- or left-handed use. Latex free.
4026 Package of 3
402601 Package of 12
The Original PenAgain. Writing takes less effort with this ergonomically designed pen that helps control and eliminate fatigue and pain. Its organic form contours to the hand’s natural position when the hand is relaxed.
The pen slides easily into your grip and serves as a perfect extension of your fin- gers. Package of 3. Assorted colors. 081523711
PenAgain Ergo-SofTM Grip. Extra-soft, pliable surface makes it even easier to hold this PenAgain writing instrument. Perfect for patients with limited grasp. 557309
557310 PenAgain Black Ink Refill (2)
Contour Rheumatics Pen.
Substantially built-up from the standard pen. Helps ease the
load on the fingers and requires minimum pressure. Increase weight with lead pellets or sand. Black ink. Refills available at any stationery supply store. Latex free. 6”L x 5/8”D.
4035 1366
Slip-On Writing Aid. Contoured to securely fit the hand. Molded plastic writing aid holds a pen or pencil at adjustable angle. Wing nut locks into position. Easy on and off. One size for right or left hand. Reshapes easily with a heat gun. Latex free.
409201 Right 409202 Left
Easy Glide Writer. This pen slides easily along a writing surface using upper arm strength. Slight downward pressure is needed to write. Made of PVC foam, fits any size pen or pencil. Pen not in- cluded. 7”L x 5”W x 23/4”H.

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