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Mouth Sticks. Use as a typing stick and a page turner. Weighs 1 oz. Not bendable. Not returnable if package seal is broken. Latex free.
538014  14”
538016  16”
538018  18”
Mouth stick sleeves, (fits both adult and pediatric) 4/Pkg Mouth stick tips, (fits both adult and pediatric) 6/Pkg
Clamp-On Mouth Stick. Securely holds pen, pencil, paintbrush, chalk or similar tools, which are then controlled by the mouth. Adjusts with thumbscrew locknut at distal end to vary angle and diameter up to 1/2”. Weighs 1 oz. Pencil not included. Not returnable if package seal is broken. Latex free.
538110 10” 538112 12”
Vertical Pincher Mouth Stick. A tongue-controlled pincher used to insert paper into a typewriter or printer. Tension adjusts, using a replaceable rubber band, to lift heavier objects. Weighs 11/2 oz. Not returnable if package seal is broken. Contains latex. 538314 14”
Wand Mouth Stick with Bend Adapter. This lightweight (1 oz.) plastic mouth stick bends to desired angle. The distal end has a thermoplastic rubber bumper, and the shaft is anodized aluminum. Includes an extra pair of protective thermoplastic rubber sleeves for bite plate. Not returnable if package seal is broken. Latex free.
538514 14” 538516 16”
ADL Mouth Sticks
Bendable Telescopic Mouth Sticks. Adjustable-angle mouth sticks allow better visibility and a more natural writing/typing angle. One is a pointer for keyboard or page turning, the other holds implements such as a pen, pencil or paintbrush. Telescoping end makes it easy to adjust length. Not returnable if package seal is broken. Latex free.
538201 14”-19” Implement Holder
538202 16”-23” Implement Holder
538203 14”-19” Pointer/Page Turner
538204 16”-23” Pointer/Page Turner
Pediatric Telescoping Mouth Sticks. Lightweight,
with Y-shaped biteplates. 1/4” shorter and less bulky than those designed for adults. Suitable for most children from about 5 years and older. Telescoping feature makes them adaptable to various activities. Implement holder is ideal for painting or writing activities. Not returnable if package seal is broken. Latex free.
538202 538201
538204 538203
9”-13” Implement Holder 12”-15” Page turner
Swivel Mouth Stick Docking Station.
Cylinder, 31/2”L x 5/8” in diameter, swivels to provide the best angle for easy ac- cess. Mounts on computer keyboard with adhesive-backed hook & loop fastener, to hold one typing wand mouth stick (not in- cluded). Latex free.
Wide-Mouth Docking Station.
Clear plastic cylinder. Ideal for less accurate mouth stick users or for training. 31/2”W x 9”L, adjusts to different angles with large knobs that turn easily. Base is 8” square. Entire station cleans easily with mild soap and water. Fits 4-5 mouth sticks, not included. Latex free.

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