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Head Pointers ADL
Permits clearer line of sight and body positioning than forehead pointers
Clear-View Head Pointer. Unit extends from jaw level, permitting better vision
and body positioning than a forehead pointer. User stays comfortably positioned, and minimal head movement is required. Lightweight aluminum yoke can be bent to adjust pointer angle. Contoured and adjust- able six ways, via side knobs, for control and comfort. Wand is 10” long. Entire yoke from ear to tip is 203/4”. Latex free.
Adjustable Head
Pointer. An essen- tial aid for people with limited hand use for
activities such as turning pages, drawing or painting. The pointer helps people with limited verbal communication skills to use communication boards and to point. Also excellent for pushing switches. Consists
of lightweight, plastic bands secured by metal hardware and topped by a 19” long aluminum rod. Padding at the forehead is comfortable and cool. The headband and cranial strap adjust to fit various head sizes and shapes. The pointer rod is fully adjust- able for length and angle in any direction. The rod is fitted with a removable pencil holder. Net weight is 8 oz.
Baseball Cap Head Pointer. A fully ad- justable pointer that fits any size baseball cap with a button on top. Adjusts from 181/2” – 241/2” (from cap button to pointer tip). Latex free.
Sip & Puff Switches & Accessories. Perfect for patients who have severe physical impair- ments! The Double Closure is used
to activate two toys or devices
with a single switch. Sipping on
the tube will activate one toy/
device, while puffing on the tube
will activate a second toy/device.
The switch is mounted on a 19” gooseneck and can be easily
attached to most flat or tubular sur- faces with the 3-way mounting clamp. Useful when other possibilities for switch activation are exhausted. Extra straws can be ordered as well.
Sip & Puff Switch
Anti Contaminator Filter, 6/pk
20 Extra Straws
Adjustable Headpointer. Aluminum frame with foam-padded liner can bend
to fit head size. Secured by an elastic chin strap and hook and loop closures. Rods can be bent or cut to adjust angle and length. Latex free.
6001 Head Pointer

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