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Rolyan® Ergonomic Hand Exerciser. Anatomically designed handle is padded and contoured to fit comfortably in the palm. Lightweight frame adjusts easily for blocking flexion and extension and permits a custom fit for various-sized hands. Includes four pairs of graded, color-coded latex-free rubber bands, which can be changed quickly to adjust resistance.
A3481 Black
561426 Blue
561427 White
A3486 Replacement Clips,
Black, 4/Pack
Ideal for thumb strengthening
Rolyan® Basic Ergonomic Hand Exerciser. Lightweight frame uses clips to block flexion and extension and permit custom fit for different hand sizes. Includes three pairs of graded, color-coded latex-free rubber bands.
A3488 Black
561428 Blue
561429 White
A3486 Replacement Clips, Black, 4/Pack
Exercise Supplies  Hand Exerciser
Hand Helper II & Deluxe Hand Helper Exercisers. Deluxe model has two thumb screws for fine adjusting range of move- ment. Padded grip revolves easily to eliminate friction. Rigid plastic frame won’t bend or break. Color-coded rubber bands contain latex.
Hand Helper II
556100   White
556101 Bright Pink
556102 Neon Green
Hand Helper II. Pack of 12. 556103
Deluxe Hand Helper II
556104 White
Replacement 1/32” Rubber Bands in 1-lb. Box
530401 Yellow, 3” x 1/16”
530402 Red, 31/2” x 1/8”
530403 Blue, 31/2” x 1/4”
Color-Coded Latex-Free Rubber Bands.
Three-ounce packages of the graded color- coded rubber bands used on the Rolyan® Ergonomic Hand Exercisers. All rubber bands are 31/2” long.
A3482 Yellow, extra light, 150 per pack A3483 Red, light, 70 per pack
A3484 Green, medium, 50 per pack A3485 Blue, heavy
Exercise Supplies

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