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Hand Excercise  Exercise Supplies
Hand Grips. Resistive exerciser for advanced hand muscle strength- ening. 43/8” distance between outside handle ends. Sold in pairs. A8481 Medium Tension, Red, 25-lb. resistance
A8482 Heavy Tension, Black, 40-lb. resistance
A848003 Extra-Heavy Tension, Blue, 55-lb. resistance
Spring Grips. Ideal for clinic or home programs to increase hand and forearm strength. Distance between outside edges of handles is 23/4”.
Resistive Hand Exercisers. Excellent for progressive strengthening of hand and forearm muscles.
• Deluxe Hand Exerciser combines three
springs and five settings for resistance
from 10–100 lbs.
• The Pro Hand Exerciser offers five
springs and 25 tension settings for 5–150 lbs. of resistance. Simple to adjust. Approx. 33/4” distance between outside handle ends. Latex free.
A8461 Deluxe Hand Exerciser 550874 Pro Hand Exerciser
Spring Resistance Hand
Exercisers. Strengthens hand and
forearm muscles. The Standard model
includes three springs and five holes
for resistance from 10–100 lbs. The
Deluxe model offers five springs and
5 holes for 5–150 lbs. of resistance,
along with covered grips for comfort.
Simple to adjust. Approximately 33/4” distance between outside handle ends.
081520857 Deluxe
081520865 Standard
Item No.
10 lbs.
15 lbs.
30 lbs.
60 lbs.
Exercise Supplies

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