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Pegboard Exercise Exercise Supplies
Rolyan® Semi-Circular Peg Board. Use to
Finger Extension Remedial Game. Heavy pressed board with nonskid feet. Two sided: turn over the checkerboard for a solitaire jumping game. 32 square plastic checkers with Velcro® hook & loop playing surface gives desired resistance. Checkers have a soft vinyl loop to engage the finger in position for active extension. Board is 9” x 9”, checkers 1” square. Latex free.
increase upper extremity ROM, strength, coor- dination and endurance, and improve cognitive and visual skills. Three
tiers hold 43 pegs 1/4”, 1/2” and 5/8” round, and come in 2 lengths from 1”–33/4”. Covered center storage compartment. All parts are durable, washable plastic. 26”L x 14”W x 2”H.
25-Hole Pegboard with Colored Pegs. The 10” square lac- quered pegboard has 25 holes spaced 1” apart, into which 25 1” round color pegs (red, blue, yellow and green) can be inserted. Latex free.
The “Yes-U-Can” Fine Motor Exercise Kit. Provides all the necessary equip- ment to improve fine motor coor- dination. Exercise programs and descriptions are included.
Depth Perception Pegboard Set. Stimulates depth perception and eye-hand coordination on two levels. Board is 11” square and includes 9 red and 12 green 1/2”D pegs. Latex free.
Activity Board. Neurological trauma requires intense
and immediate attention.
The treatment must be as overpowering as the trauma. At discharge, patients must have in hand an activity that induces long-lasting changes. The board is self-supporting with a frame structure that folds for easy storage. Made of birch plywood to allow
less shrinkage. Peg holes are
drilled snugly to enhance
brain signals. The Activity Board is 15” x 163/4”. The first two rows provide gross grasp, using black and white graded circles. The second row supplies a full body square, preparing the patient for four rows of graded grasps. The back of the board uses geometric patterns to elicit fine pincher skills.
Exercise Supplies

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