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This position can simu- late many common job tasks. The shelves are adjustable
to simulate
a confined work space environment.
This confined work space position in- creases upper extremity and trunk range of motion, strength and endurance.
The 45° angle incorporated into this 3-panel position provides excellent opportunities for improving strength, coordination and endurance for the shoulders, forearms, wrists and hands.
Rolyan® Multi-Functional Work Station. Increases whole body range of motion, strength, coordination and endur- ance. Assess and improve attention span and cognitive, organizational, problem- solving and perceptual motor skills by having the user assemble the work station in one of many gradable positions. A com- prehensive manual includes instructions to position the work station in more than 20 therapeutic arrangements. Set includes five aluminum panels—three 16” x 24” and two 16” x 16”, two shelves 16” x 16”, more than 325 nuts, bolts and washers
in different styles and shapes, nine hand tools, a tool box and a 48” x 27” mat
to protect table. Made from durable, 1/8” aluminum sheet and weighs under 30 lbs. with the shelves. When fully assembled with nuts and bolts, the work station weighs approximately 38 lbs. Side handles ease lifting and transporting. Assembly required. (Patent Performance Health.) A4741
Exercise Supplies  Upper Extremity
Rolyan® Work Bench. Ideal for improving strength and endurance
of the shoulders, elbows, wrists and hand, and fine motor coordination. Cut-out front allows bilateral work that duplicates a hidden, confined work area. Compact
design allows positioning at various heights while sitting, standing or lying. Heavy-duty black plastic, 19” x 15” x 6” bench has 11 rows of 7 different styles of nuts, bolts, washers and screws. Attached rack keeps tools organized—includes 6” and 8” adjustable wrenches, two screwdrivers and four hex keys. A tool box for the hardware is included. Built-in side handles for easy transporting. Light assembly required.
Rolyan® Resistive
Prehension Bench.
Offers graded resistance and prehension for single-hand and bilateral activities. 36 springs deliver measured resistance up to 14 lbs. Four different knob styles allow grading of pre- hension throughout the range of resistance. Different surface textures on knobs aid in decreasing hypersensitivity. 16” x 16” on 51/2” legs. Heavy-duty aluminum. Assembly required. A19610
Two-Tiered Horizontal Bolt Board.
High-quality lacquered wood with felt- covered bottom to prevent surface mar. Bolts progress from 1/4” to 1/2”, with assorted nuts and washers. Bolt threads range from coarse to fine. Board is 111/2”L x 73/4”W x 4”H.
Hand Tool Dexterity Test. Measures proficiency in using ordinary mechanic’s tools. Test consists of tools and two up- right boards with bolts and norms. Subject disassembles all bolts from one board and reassembles them on the other. Latex free. 8615
Exercise Supplies

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