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Stimulation & Fine Motor Exercise
Exercise Supplies
Rolyan® Sensory Re-Education Wands. When small surface contact is indicated in a sensory re-education program, the wands provide an easy-to-use gradable system. Kit features 10 plastic wands with textured heads graded from 1 (smooth) to 10 (rough) for easy documentation. The 3/4” x 15/8” triangular heads provide flat surfaces for increased skin contact. Durable plastic base included for conve- nient storage.
Rolyan® Sensory Re-Education Home Program Kit. (Shown in foreground.) Complement the Sensory Re-Education Wands with this economical kit of 10 graded squares. The 15/8” x 23/4” squares match the materials found on the wands.
Rolyan® Multi-Phase Desensitization Kit. Popular desensiti- zation kit features consistent, graded stimuli in easy-to-use plastic bins. Use when normal sensation has been disrupted following trauma or brain injury. The 10 stackable bins (7” x 81/4” x 143/4”) have a front cut-out design that allows a seated patient to im- merse hand, wrist and forearm into the stimuli. Each bin includes a plastic front cover to avoid spills. Individual plastic top covers are sold separately for use as a dust cover for the upper bins or to prevent spills during transportation.
Can be purchased as a complete kit, or bins and stimuli can be purchased individually to meet clinical needs. Washable.
Item No.
Complete Kit (includes 10 bins, stimuli and front covers)
Phase 1 Pompom
Phase 2 Soft Plastic Pellets
Phase 4 Rough Plastic Pellets
Phase 6 Large Plastic Disks
Phase 7 Plastic Shavings
Phase 8 Fine Graded Pebbles
Phase 9 Large Pebbles
Phase 10 Marbles
Rolyan® Pipe Tree. Includes 25 pieces of 1/2” PVC pipe. Self- contained kit uses a set-in PVC pipe in the cover as a construction base. Four suction cups secure the base to the work surface. Box holds all piping for convenient storage. Black.
Rolyan® Stacking Cones.
Washable, non-toxic and im-
pact resistant acrylic cones are
41/4” high with a 21/2” base
diameter. Six translucent colors:
blue, green, red, amber, smoke
and clear. Optional bases: white-molded ABS plastic base measures 141/2” x 8”. Wooden base is 141/2”L x 77/8”W x 3/4”H. Latex free. A5001 30 cones (five of each color) with plastic base
1498 30 cones (five of each color) with wooden base
149801 12 replacement cones (two of each color) without base
Exercise Supplies

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