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Exercise Supplies
The Original
Rolyan® Graded Pinch Exerciser. Features five graded
springs in color-coded pinchpins. Kit includes 3 metal rods of different diameters, a vertical metal rod (371/2”H) for combining exercises (shoulder ROM with resistive pinch), and 35 graded spring pinchpins, 7 of each resistance. 123/4”W x 13”L x 81/2”H. Can be sterilized. Latex free.
Replacement Graded Pinchpins. Set of seven. A196100 1 lb. Yellow Pinchpins
A196200 2 lb. Red Pinchpins
A196300 4 lb. Green Pinchpins
A196400 6 lb. Blue Pinchpins
A196500 8 lb. Black Pinchpins
Variety Pack of Pinchpins. One of each color. A196600
Yardstick Tree with Peg
Board. Enhances therapeutic
activities such as AROM
(active range of motion),
strengthening, fine motor
manipulation, visual percep-
tual and ocular motor. The kit
includes one base (10” sq.)
that has 80 holes, three yard/
meter sticks, 20 pegs, 24 colored clothespins, a small bag of rubber bands and a deck of cards. Also comes with assembly hardware: six bolts (#8–32 x 1/2”), six nuts (#8–32) and 12 washers. For ages 3 years through adult. Warning: Small parts are choking hazard. Not for children under 3 years.
Extend-Your-Reach Exerciser. Wooden yardstick comes with
24 clothespins. Their resistance can be graded by adding or removing rubber bands (not in- cluded). Wooden storage box measures 91/2” sq. x 5”D. Latex free.
Hand Exercise
Exercise Supplies
• Color coding clarifies resistance levels
• Wide finger pads ac- commodate 3-point pinch as well as lateral pinch and tip pinch
Thumb Exerciser.
Provides adjust- able resistance and excursion to thumb flexors. Resistance provided by rubber bands. Extra bands included. Latex free. 5325

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