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Speech Assessment/Neurological Disorders
Memory Fitness Manual/Toolkit. The Manual offers suggestions to help understand the basics of memory, the importance of paying attention, being organized and having a positive attitude. Learn how stress and lifestyle choices can impact recall. Memory strategies, suc- cessful aging and memory aerobics make this handy memory guide a good resource for all ages. The Memory Fitness Toolkit adds a volume of brainteasers to the Extend the Memory strategies outlined in the Memory Fitness Manual. Includes a large variety of word puzzles to tease the brain and introduce possible activities that will help update memory fitness routine.
081504547 Memory Fitness Manual 081504570 Memory Fitness Toolkit
Aerobics of the Mind. The material ap-
plies the “use it or lose it” philosophy to
sound mental fitness. Learn how you can
encourage older adults to stretch their
thinking, try new ways of behaving, stimu-
late memory and develop a more creative
brain. This comprehensive guide outlines
how to build a program from the ground
up. Includes warm-up strategies, model pro-
grams that can be adapted for your group,
thinking exercises and activities as well as an annotated list of publications and organizations. Created by Marge Engelman, Ph.D. Soft cover, 220 pages, 1996, 2005.
561565 Book
(RTT) Revised Token Test. A sensitive quantitative and descrip- tive test battery for auditory processing inefficiencies and disorders associated with brain damage, aphasia and certain language and learning disabilities. Percentile ranks are available for nondisabled and right- and left-hemisphere-injured adults for each of the 10 RTT subtests and for overall performance. The complete kit comes in a sturdy storage box and includes Examiner’s Manual, Administration Manual and 25 scoring forms, profile forms and 24 tokens. For ages 20 to 80 years. Testing time is 30 minutes.
558800 448
Dysarthria Rehabilitation – 2nd Edition. Improve speech intelligibility with this updated revision of a time-tested favorite. It is designed to better meet the needs of clients with dysarthric speech. Illustrations packaged
in a bound, easel-back stimulus
manual that makes it easier to
keep them together as you travel. This version includes new guide- lines for use by assistants and caregivers. The second edition is easy to administer and flexible enough to meet individual needs. Included in this comprehensive program are all necessary stimuli (words, 60 pictures), the manual, stimulus manual and reproducible data col- lection and tracking forms. Authored by John D. Tonkovich, Terry L. Boettcher and Mary W. Rambow.
TOMAL-SE Test of Memory and Learning. Includes six core sub-tests and three delayed recall tasks that evaluate general and specific memory functions. It features composite memory scores for Verbal Memory, Nonverbal Memory and a Composite Memory Index. A supplementary composite score includes a Verbal Delayed Recall Index and a Learning Index. Highly interpretable and relevant scores, scaled to a common familiar metric. Provides a comprehensive cov- erage of memory assessment in a senior-friendly standardized battery. For ages 55–89. Testing time 25–35 minutes. Individual administra- tion. Qualification level C.
Functional Memory Manual. This
interdisciplinary approach to building
functional memory skills emphasizes
the use of internal and external
strategies to improve recall. A com-
prehensive review of memory from a
transdisciplinary perspective addresses
everything from medication effects and
anatomical correlations of memory loss
to stimulation therapy and compensa-
tory strategies. Various exercises of
increasing difficulty address sustained,
selective, alternating and divided attention. The auditory recall exer- cises animate clients’ interest with sections on sports, history, health and fiction. Visual recall activities revolve around such functional skills as reading calendars, catalogs and maps. Sequential recall is targeted in stories and functional memory assignments.

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