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Speech Cognitive Assessments
(DOTCA-ChTM) Dynamic Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment for Children. DOTCA-CH is a battery of tests designed to assess cognitive performance of children ages 6-12 years. It consists of 21 sub-tests in 5 cognitive areas; Orientation, Spatial Perception, Praxis, Visuomotor Organization, and Thinking Operations. The goals of the assessment are to identify the strengths and deficits of the child in the dif- ferent cognitive areas and measure learning potential, as well as to recognize the child’s thinking strategies utilizing dynamic proce- dures. Latex free.
DLOTCATM. Builds off the research used to develop the original LOTCATM series and in- corporates a dynamic component. Thus you are provided the ability to measure learning potential and recognize thinking strategies through the use of mediation. It enables the therapist to identify the level of aware- ness. DLOTCA is designed to be used with clients 18 to 69 years old. DLOTCA-GTM is designed for clients aged 70 years and over. Each version was designed to provide stan- dardized testing procedures and established norms for systematic data collection in cog- nitive assessment.
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Manual for Allen Cognitive Level Screen-5. Most recently updated and revised version of manual for administering both ACLS and LACLS is guided by the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (AERA, 1999). New sections in- clude: definition of “functional cognition,” history of the cognitive disabilities model, set-up of the tools with photos, color-coded administration instructions, revised scoring tables, assigning and interpreting scores, review of published research and four ap- pendices with references and resources
for practitioners. Spiral-bound notebook comes with a handy, clear plastic pouch to hold the included ACLS and LACLS tools. By Claudia Allen (MA, OTR, FAOTA), Sarah Austin (MS, OTR/L), Sandra David (OTR/L), Catherine Earhart (OTR/L), Deane McCraith (MS, OTR/L) and Linda Riska-Williams (MA, OTR/L).
Workbook for Reasoning Skills. The “yellow” book is packed with exercises
that emphasize the real-world situations, problem solving, reasoning and comprehen- sion. Interesting exercises test cognitive flexibility and tap critical and creative thinking. Written for adolescents and adults with mild-to-moderate impairments, the exercises are easily adaptable for many populations and uses.
Workbook for Cognitive Skills.
Designed for adults and adolescents with aphasia, cognitive impairments or word/ memory loss. A Clues Book provides help for those who cannot spell, need practice scanning or require assistance finding an answer.
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Occupational Therapy Treatment Goals for Physically and Cognitively Disabled. Therapists will need a copy of this book to interpret and document the results of ADM. Softcover, 360 pages. By Claudia Allen, Catherine Earhart and Tina Blue.
Understanding Cognitive Performance Modes. This book is a reference guide to understanding the cognitive performance modes and writing treatment goals. The abilities, appropriate treatment goals and relevant safety concerns at each mode
of performance are suggested. Softcover; 81/2” x 11”. 150 pages. By Claudia Allen, Catherine Earhart and Tina Blue. 566789

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