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Cognitive Assessments
ECAT - Environment &
Communication Assessment
Toolkit. A supportive environment
is crucial to elderly residents’ abili-
ties to express needs and desires. This
evidence-based toolkit helps improve
functioning and communication
by providing assessment tools and
intervention procedures. This person-
centered kit will identify activity
performance deficits with quick yes/
no questions, evaluate the environment to identify barriers and problems, and pinpoint individualized recommendations (over 300 provided) for intervention. Toolkit contains: 104-page manual, se- quencing cards, grayscale contrast tool, reading test, reproducible assessment forms, CD-ROM, light meter and sound meter. 081621259
Dementia Therapy & Program
Development. A step-by-step guide to
developing appropriate protocols, this
book includes directions for candidate
identification, proper screening, evalu-
ation tools specific to this population
and goal banks. It describes how to
“stage” the client and how this process
drives goals and interventions. Provides
directions for writing an evaluation and
overcoming fear of determining medical
necessity for dementia programs. It ad-
dresses functional maintenance plans and the relationship between swallowing problems and dementia. Comes with reproducible forms and goal banks. 125 pages, spiral bound.
(SCATBI) Scales of Cognitive Ability for Traumatic Brain Injury. Reliable, valid test of cognitive function is highly useful in documenting severity of brain injury in adolescents and adults and
in charting their progress. Its five subtests can be administered in 30 minutes to two hours. Scores on subtests can be compared to deter- mine areas of strength and weakness. Complete SCATBI Kit includes: Examiner’s Manual, Stimulus Manual, 25 Record Forms, Stimulus Audio Cassette, Stimulus Card Set and Sturdy Carrying Case. ©1992. 920414 Complete Set
920415 Record Forms (25)
Sorting daily medicine
Washing hands
CPT – Cognitive
Performance Test.
Based on the Allen
Cognitive Disability
Theory, CPT is a
standardized perfor-
mance-based assessment
developed to determine
baseline measurements and track changes in global functions over time in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. Consists of seven sub-tasks that measure a person’s understanding of common ADL activities performed by adults such as sorting daily medications, shopping for appropriate sized and priced clothing, washing hands, preparing food, using the telephone, traveling from one location to another and dressing. Tracks changes over time. Standardized results and data are available.
SCCAN: Scales of Cognitive
and Communicative Ability
for Neurorehabilitation. The
SCCAN kit assesses cognitive-
communicative deficits and
functional ability of patients in
rehabilitation hospitals, clinics
and skilled nursing facilities.
Appropriate for a broad range
of neurological patients, SCCAN
provides a measure of impair-
ment and functional ability, and
can be administered in 30 min-
utes. Also beneficial for speech
language pathologists, neuropsy-
chologists, psychologists and related rehabilitation professionals.
The SCCAN’s main uses are to identify patients with neurocogni- tive and communicative impairment, to determine the severity of
the impairment and to help establish appropriate treatment plans. Contents relate to daily activities that adults would be expected to perform for independent living with scales and a total score for oral expression, orientation, memory, speech comprehension, reading comprehension, writing, attention and problem solving.
The complete kit includes: an Examiner’s Manual, Stimulus Book, 25 Examiner Record Booklets, 25 Written Response Booklets and 25 Report Summary Forms—all in a sturdy storage box. ©2012. 081606938

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