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081511989 081511971 Confrontational Naming
Problem-Solving Cards Cognition Cards
081511963 Awareness & Safety Cognition Cards
081511997 Categorizing and Scanning Cards
SR-Cognition. The materials in this all-inclusive kit provide a multi-sensory framework to allow clients to re-learn skills and concepts through their most effective learning modality. Target rehabilitation areas include: Orientation, Attention and Scanning, Memory, Receptive and Expressive Language, Reasoning and Problem Solving. Includes a tote box, a master workbook, supplemental reproducible workbook, 85 up-to-date photo cards, 20 picture cards and a dry-erase pen. Great for use with neurologically impaired individuals, developmentally delayed adults and high school students.
Optional SR Kit Cognition Cards. Each deck contains 25 up-to-date images that can be used as stand-alone or added to the SR-Cognition Kit. Relevant questions and answers are provided on the back of each photo card. Choose from four decks.
081511963 Awareness & Safety Cognition Cards
081511971 Problem-Solving Cognition Cards
081511989 Confrontational Naming Cognition Cards 081511997 Categorization & Scanning Cognition Cards
BaFPETM (Bay Area Functional
Performance Evaluation). For as-
sessing functional performance of
psychiatric, brain-injured, geriatric or
developmentally disabled adults or
adolescents. Can be used in treatment,
discharge planning, documentation and
outcome studies. Two-part program: Task-
Oriented Assessment (TOA) and Social
Interaction Scale (SIS). Kit comes complete
with test items (seashells, design blocks
and more), manual (including reliability
and validity studies and bibliography), background information, directions, administration forms, rating guides and worksheets. Includes 25 copies each of the 11 printed materials (forms, worksheets, rating guides and practice sheets). Each set is packaged separately. 4911
(SCATBI) Scales of Cognitive Ability for Traumatic Brain Injury. Reliable, valid test
of cognitive function is highly useful in docu- menting severity of brain injury in adolescents and adults and in charting their progress. Its five subtests can be administered in 30 minutes to two hours. Scores on subtests can be compared to determine areas of strength and weakness. Complete SCATBI Kit includes: examiner’s manual, stimulus manual, 25 record forms, stim- ulus audio cassette, stimulus card set and sturdy carrying case. ©1992.
920414 Complete Set 920415 Record Forms (25)
Cognitive Reorganization, 3rd Edition.
This completely updated handbook is now organized into one volume. The highly flex- ible program includes hundreds of fresh new contemporary stimuli toward memory, attention and orientation deficits. These adult-oriented activities are designed to improve the cognitive-linguistic skills of
TBI clients. Includes cognitive reorganiza- tion and practical math of earlier version. Activities are organized into 10 major headings. The clear print makes it easy for clients to respond. Over 4,200 stimuli and reproducible information sheets. 350 pages, soft cover.
Cognitive Assessments

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