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DycemTM Nose Over Toes
Mat. A vital aid when de- veloping independence in sitting and
standing, this innovative mat provides
a great footing for those who need as- sistance with weight transference and balance. Developed with a community based Occupational Therapist to provide grip and stability, the prompt mat pro- vides a visual aid on the safest position for going from sit-to-stand. Ideal for as- sisting clients with Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and stroke sufferers in care homes, hospitals, and at home. 7100897
Fall Prevention
Fall Prevention Mat. The high-tack top surface is comfortable to stand
or walk on. Made of Dycem® nonslip polymer material, the base holds itself to the floor and provides shock ab- sorption. At 3/32”, this low profile mat clears most doors. Helps to prevent falls when transferring or standing. Easy clean with a damp mop and dry with a squeegee. Measures 24”L x 18”W. Latex free.
Smart Caregiver “Unbreakable” Magnet Pull-String Monitor. Alarm automatically resets when the magnet is replaced. Functions with an integrated and locking mounting strap that secures the monitor to chair backs. Includes a thick, impact- resistant foam sleeve. Also features a low battery warning.
081694777 Replacement Pull String
and Magnet
Skil-CareTM Personal Alarm. Easily attaches
to wheelchair or bed, and can be clipped to pa- tients clothes. Alarm has on/off switch, high/low selector and is audible up to 125 feet. Includes a 9-volt battery, wheelchair mounting bracket, and hook and loop bed attachment strip.
927641 Alarm
562553 Magnet with Clip & Cord, Pkg. of 5
553057 A510204
UMPTM Economy Personal Sentry Alarm.
Easy to use, low cost, pull string monitor features no on/off switch and has a hi/low volume op- tion. Monitor attaches to a bed or chair, and the “Safety Klip” is attached to the resident. Alarm sounds when the magnetic seat is broken be- tween the monitor and the magnet. An optional latex-free cushion protector is also offered for protection from drops.
A510204 UMP Alarm 553057 Alarm Protector
Fall Prevention

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