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Chair and/or Bed Sensors Pads. (6-month) 563471 Chair
562498 Bed
081506518 PIR Alarm (Wall) 081524057 PIR Alarm (Bed) (Below)
Patient Alarm /Transmitter Unit.
Can be set to chime locally or
transmit silently.
081506526 For Sensor Pads (pg 787) 081499599 For Motion Detection (Below)
Remote Receiver/Alarm Unit. Alarms can sound at the bedside and outside of the room simultaneously, or sound and flash outside room only.
081506534 For Sensor Pads (pg 787) 081499607 For Motion Detection (Below)
Fall Prevention Alarms
Wireless Bed or Chair Alarm Systems and Bed Motion Detection Alarms
Remote Alarm
System for
Bed or Chair.
System includes
Patient Alarm/
Unit, Remote
Unit and a Chair
or Bed Sensor
• Sensor Pad Alarm Systems have all the features of our existing
sensor pad system plus a wireless alarm unit and a programmable
hold button on the Patient Alarm/Transmitter Unit.
• Wireless Remote Receiver/Alarm Unit enables the alarm to
sound at bedside and outside of the room simultaneously, or sound
and flash outside of the room only.
• Programmable Hold Button allows staff to place the alarm unit in
a temporary hold mode, letting patient move off pad without alarm
sounding. Once hold period expires, system automatically resets.
• Nurse Call Jack when the patients nurse call cord is plugged into
the Patient Alarm/Transmitter Unit it will send a signal to the nurses’ station when the alarm is triggered. Requires Nurse Call Connector (sold separately)
• Nurse Call Connector and T-Adapter allows the nurse call button to work with alarm and nurses’ station.
562665 Remote Alarm System for Bed 081499649 Remote Alarm System for Chair 562498 Bed Pad 10” x 30” (6-months) 563471 Chair Pad 10” x 15” (6-months)
A510202 Nurse Call Cable 563458 T-Adapter
Bed Motion Detection Alarms.
Passive Infrared (Motion Detection)
Remote and Local Alarm Systems. The
Motion Detection Alarm projects an
invisible fan-shaped infrared beam
that spans the length of a patient’s
bedside. When a patient attempts to leave bed and part of his/ her body breaks the invisible beam, alarm is activated and staff is notified. Nurse Call Receiver/Transmitter plugs into the nurse call outlet on the wall so the alarm sounds at the nurse call station.
Why Motion Detection?
• For early warning of patient wandering • No cords or wires to tangle or trip over • Incontinence proof—no pads to clean
Complete System (PIR Alarm, Wireless Transmitter Alarm Unit, and Wireless Remote Receiver Alarm Unit)
PIR Alarm with Wall Mount
PIR Alarm with Magnetic Clamp Alarm Transmitter Unit
Remote Receiver/Alarm Unit
Fall Prevention

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