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Fall Prevention
Skil-Care Complete Toilet Seat Alarm System. Design incorpo- rates a top layer of gel and a bottom layer of foam
to provide comfort and maximum pressure relief. The sensor pad is inside the heat-sealed vinyl casing, which is waterproof and easy to clean with disinfec- tants. Alarm alerts caregiver when the resident rises from the commode. Complete system includes alarm monitor, toilet seat cushion with sensor pad and attach- ment straps.
Alarm Bag. Mounts an alarm to a wheelchair, bed, or console. The zippered top prevents removal of the alarm by patients, and the see- through fabric allows easy viewing of switch positions and status lights. Machine washable. Not for use with pull cord alarms. Package of six. 927638
Clip-On Chair Alarm Bracket. Easily clips to wheelchairs to permit any alarm to be mounted away from residents reach. Includes hook and loop strip to hold alarm in place.
Item No.
Complete Toilet Seat Alarm System with Chair-Pro Monitor
Complete Toilet Seat Alarm System with Multi-Pro Monitor
Replacement Gel-Foam Seat with Sensor Pad
Replacement Straps - 6 pack, 24 pieces
Universal Wall Bracket
ChairPro Safety Alarm
Gel Foam Commode Pad
Ready-to-Go Kits
ChairProTM Seat Belt Alarm System. A restraint-free, easy- release buckle activates the alarm when opened. The durable nylon belt attaches to any wheelchair. Auto-reset feature eliminates the need to turn the alarm on or off. Features a high/low alarm volume control. Two AA batteries included. The LED serves as a battery test and “alarm on” indicator. Adjusts up to 50” wide. Includes ChairPro Alarm Unit.
ChairProTM E-Z Release Alarm. Hook and loop closure with red loop for easy release. Eliminates sensor strips and clothing clips. Alarm sounds when closure is released and alerts caregiver before resident leaves the chair. Provides restraint-free wheelchair safety. Universal size belt secures to all wheelchairs. Includes ChairPro Alarm Unit and two AA batteries.
Fall Prevention

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