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Wireless Wander Alarm System.
Helps to stop dangerous wandering. When a patient wanders within 15 feet of the detector, a signal is sent to the alarm, alerting the caregiver of an unwanted wanderer or trespasser. Meanwhile, the transmitter does not sound, eliminating the risk of a resident becoming agitated. Alarm tone options include door chime, melody or a medium siren tone. Detector plugs directly into an outlet or can be used with a 9V battery (sold separately). Remote alarm receiver uses three AA bat- teries (sold separately).
Bedside PIR
Alarm with
Clamp. The PIR
beam is narrow and fan-shaped so that only a very specific area is monitored. The clip mount attaches alarm to any IV stand, bed headboard (up to 2” thick), or even a bed rail. Flexible clip extension is 6” long. Included accessory bracket lets alarm beam adjust 90°. Over the Bed Model is ideal for the highest risk patients, it may be mounted to wall or headboard. Wall mounting hardware included.
552555 Bedside Model 552556 Over Bed Model
Fall Prevention
Door Window Alarm. Economy pack
of five alarms. Alerts staff if a window or door is penetrated by a resident. Installs in seconds with adhesive backing. Alarm has a 3-position switch for off, chime and alarm. Resets itself when door or window is closed. Perfect for supply closets, medicine cabinets and doors to all “off-limits” areas. Audible at great distances. Batteries included. 562325
Smart Caregiver 2-Pendant Paging System. Includes two nurse call buttons and one pocketsize pager with audible alert. Insert batteries and it’s ready to use. 081507763
Stand Alone Motion Sensors. Movement is detected by the motion sensor, the alarm will sound alerting the care- giver. 081507748
Stop Strip Door
Banner. Directs con-
fused residents away
from off-limits areas. Stop Strip Door Banner measures 12” x 50” and secures to door frames by either magnet or hook and loop. Stop sign is available without strip. 081534320 Stop Strip w/Magnetic Mounts
and Stop Sign
081627215 Hook & Loop Stop Sign (stop
sign only)
081659515 Stop Strip w/Hook & Loop
Mounts and Stop Sign
Stop Strip Alarm
Banner. A bright yellow
strip with a stop sign
directs wanderers away
from stairways, exits and
off-limits areas. This visual
barrier is an important part of a restraint reduction program. The Stop Strip secures to the door frame with hook and loop tabs— no electrical installation needed. Easily releases to trigger alarm. Alarm has hi/low and on/off switch. 9-volt battery included. 927642
Fall Prevention

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