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Trapeze Bar & Base. Mounts easily to most metal frame headboards (use the Trapeze Base for nonmetal headboards). Constructed from chrome-plated, heavy-gauge, two-piece square steel tubing for maximum support. Easy to in- stall without tools (mounting brackets included with Trapeze Bar). Simple adjustments for height, length and horizontal position. Can hold up to 250 lbs. 926931 Trapeze Bar
926932 Trapeze Base
Bariatric Free Standing Trapezes. Designed to assist larger individuals
in changing positions while in bed and aid in transferring in and out of bed. Chain is adjustable from edge of headboard to end of boom by sliding to de- sired position. 73”H.
Trapeze with Base and Wheels. 1,000-lb. capacity. The overhead boom swivels from 0° to 180°. Simple assembly requires a drill, rubber mallet and socket with wrench. 46.8”W x 68”D with 36”L boom.
Trapeze with Base. 650-lb. weight capacity. Tool-free design is easy to as- semble. Silver vein finish. 41”W x 68”D with 36”L boom.
562097 Trapeze with Base and Wheels
562098 Trapeze with Base
Fall Prevention
Trapeze Systems
Bariatric Trapeze. Three locking, overhead boom angle positions provide a comfortable,
secure use. Tool-free design simplifies assembly and four-piece sub-assembly significantly reduces set-up time. For use with bariatric, home care, or non- medical beds. Holds up to 1,000 lbs. Measures 73”H x 40”W x 50”L. Overhead boom is 35”L. Weighs
72 lbs. Latex free.
e2TM Trapeze System. The trapeze handle simulates two rungs on a ladder, allowing for better leverage when climbing up to a seated position. The rail has 0.875” diameter; grip lengths 6.25” and 10.25”. Ceiling mount trapeze has a strap range of 72”. Ceiling bar diameter is 1.25” and mounts like a grab bar. Weight capacity is 300 lbs. for both models. 565448 Ceiling Mount 24” Track
565405 Ceiling Mount 32” Track
Fall Prevention

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