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Fall Prevention
Safe-t mate mounts discreetly behind the chair for easy access.
Safe-t mate® Wheelchair Anti-Rollback Device. Automatically activates as the user begins to stand. A pair of brake arms grab the tires to prevent the chair from rolling back and away. When the user is seated, the Safe-t mate is in standby mode and the chair moves freely in all directions. Available with an integrated chair exit alarm that sounds as the anti-rollback device engages. No pads or clips.
Fits 16”–20” Wheelchairs 926532 Anti-Rollback 926533 Anti-Rollback
with Alarm
Fits 22”–24” Wheelchairs
As the client rises, the brake arm locks the wheel. The chair is rock steady.
Anti-Rollback Anti-Rollback with Alarm
Safe-t mate® Under-Seat Fall Monitor.
The under-seat location of the pressure sensing unit eliminates problems associ- ated with sensor pads. No more: wires pulling out, pads shifting out of position
or exposure to body fluids. Fits any width wheelchair. Chair can be collapsed or washed without affecting adjustment. Detachable alarm box features silicone jacket for drop protection, low battery warning, tamper-resistant switch and auto- matic reset. 9V battery included.
Safe-t mate®
Wheelchair Speed Restrictor. This device is
designed for wheelchair users who gain unsafe forward or backward momentum while propelling their chairs. This often results in wheelchair users freewheeling into other
residents. Our newest product features a pair of resistance pads that apply drag to the large rear wheels. The resistance can be field adjusted to provide from slight to substantial drag. This device may also be considered by therapy departments for strength training. 563362
Safe-t mate® Seat Belt with Alarm.
Separation of the hook & loop touch fas- tener belt activates an alarm, reminding the patient to remain seated and alerting staff to a potential fall. Red pull strap on front easily releases the belt. Belt and alarm at- tach to back of chair. Alarm operates on 9V battery (included). Latex free.
6789 Seat Belt with Alarm 36”–46” 562565 Seat Belt with Alarm 46”–58”
Fall Prevention

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