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                                                               Wheelchair     Trays
25" 22"
Deluxe Tray with
Quick Release
Clamps. Melamine
impregnated 3/8” thick fiberboard top
with black PVC rim for added protection. Two pre-installed quick release clamps lock and unlock onto armrests with just a 180° turn of the handle. Fits chairs with seat widths of 16”- 19”. For full or desk arm wheelchairs. Latex free.
926731 $242.35
           Sammons Preston®
Plastic Molded Lap
Tray. Molded rim and
recessed areas – on left
and right for glass or cup, and at top for writing utensils. Two hook & loop straps securely attach to wheelchair arms or around the back of chair. Lightweight, durable injection- molded plastic. For standard arm wheelchairs. Latex free. 6062 $57.55
Sammons Preston®
Slide-On Lap Tray.
Tempered Masonite®
1/4” thick hardboard
tray attached to molded plastic bases can be positioned forward or back. Bases slide on and off easily. Tray quickly adheres and releases from bases with hook & loop (included). Fits standard or desk armrests. Latex free.
               6070 $118.15
                                 Sammons Preston® InvisibleTM Wheelchair Lap Tray.
Sammons Preston® Slide-On Invisible Wheelchair Tray.
Strong, clear polycarbonate provides client with an open visual field for safety.
For standard arm wheelchairs.
606303 $108.13
Clear Molded Tray.
Smooth, rounded edges and corners with two recessed wells at the front corners
for drinking cups. Pencil trough across the front. Contoured so any spilled liquid goes away from the lap. Attaches with adjustable slideon system. For full arm wheelchairs 16”- 18”W.
552548 $264.17
235/8" 23"
14 5/8"
24" 21"
Clear polycarbonate tray top is attached
to molded plastic bases which slide onto wheelchair arms. Tray quickly adheres/releases from bases with hook & loop strips (included). Fits both full and desk armrests.
926728 $194.82
233/4" 233/4"
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547 fax 1.800.547.4333
See page 1078 for the optional back strap (606305)

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