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         24" 20"
1 5 1/ 2"
Duro-Med Hardwood
Wheelchair Tray.
Features raised Tmolding edges to contain spills and to prevent items from rolling off. A semi-circle cutout adds comfort. Easy-clean tray includes hook & loop straps to hold tray securely in place. Ideal for eating, writing and reading. Tray is 24” x 20” x 1/2”, and fits most standard wheelchairs.
565476 $46.75
25" 18"
14 1/2"
24" 18"
1 4 1/ 2"
LacuraTM Nylon Covered Lap Tray. Soft foam tops a wood base for comfort and support and attaches with hook & loop strap. Cover is waterproof, resistant to stain, and easy to remove for cleaning. Fits standard arm wheelchairs.
                                     562023 $81.63
                      Gel-Top Sensory Stimulation Tray.
Jumbo Padded Lap Tray.
Thick foam padding protects against skin breakdown. Attaches to armrests and wheelchair
back with hook & loop straps. 1/2” plywood base is topped with 1” resilient foam and Naugahyde® upholstery. Tray is 32”W x 23”D with 16”W x 10”D cutout. 565375 $241.10
Lap-Top Wheelchair Desk.
Polyethylene desk with 12”W x 9”D storage area beneath the lid and durable plastic clip.Weighs only 7-lbs. Fits 16”- 20” wheelchairs with full or desk-length arms. Attaches with hook & loop straps. 24”W x 22”D x 31/2”H. Belly cut-out is 18” wide. Latex free. 6891 $182.99
Clear vinyl surface shows tiny stars that move through midnight-blue water-based gel. Hook and loop strips secure tray to armrest pads, (included which cushion sensitive elbows when the tray is not in use). Fits 16”-18” standard arm wheelchairs. Sensory stimulator gel pad provides stimulation and decreases restlessness. Measures 7”W x 16”L.
Lift-Away Tray Sensory Stim Gel Pad Tray with Strap
$137.80 $46.65 $112.45
24" 4" 8" 15"
                                Deluxe Laptray for
Electric Wheelchairs.
Features an adjustable clamping system for easy attachment to an electric wheelchair. A rim around the edges keep items on the tray. Clear, 3/8” thick polycarbonate tray. Toggle cutout 31/2”W x 10”D. Fits 15”-18”.
552804 Right $232.08
552805 Left $232.08
Electric Wheelchair
Lap Tray.
Clear polycarbonate tray 1/4” thick attaches with 2” hook and loop straps. Can be used interchangeably with either a right or left toggle switch. Toggle cutout is 4”W x 8”D. Fits standard and desk arm wheelchairs.
552806 $149.33
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