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                         Sammons Preston® Jumbo Padded Lap Tray.
          32" 23"
                     Deluxe Tray with
Quick Release
Clamps. Melamine
impregnated 3/8”
thick fiberboard top with black PVC rim for added protection. Two pre-installed quick release clamps lock and unlock onto armrests with just a 180° turn of the handle. Fits chairs with seat widths of 16”-19”. For full or desk arm wheelchairs. Latex free. 926733 $192.90
® Tumble Forms 2
Padded Lap Tray.
   Two hook &
loop straps attach
to armrests, another hook and loop strap wraps around the wheelchair back to pro- vide extra support. 3/4” plywood, finished with 2” thick resilient foam covered by Naugahyde®.
Fits standard arm wheelchairs. Latex free. 552803 $154.00
Top side is padded
for comfort, while the
reverse side is solid for stability. Blue tray is easy to clean with mild soap and water. Fits standard arm wheelchairs. Latex free. 606304 $194.34
Wheelchair Tray.
Smooth, padded
surface attaches to wheelchair with hook & loop strips so most users can lift it away. Practical wipe-clean vinyl surface. Fits wheelchairs 16”- 18” wide. Designed
for standard arm. Latex free.
926736 $134.80
Sammons Preston® Back Strap Fastening System. Prevents lap trays from being pushed forward. Attaches by lacing through slots at rear of tray. For use with 6062, 6063 series & A707001, A70711, A70715, A7073 and A7075 only.
Measures 1”W x 36”L. Latex free.
606305 $18.33
    Skil-CareTM Softop Wheelchair Tray.
Nylon or vinyl on top and a hard surface underneath. Easy-open hook & loop closures comply with OBRA standards. Quick-release, around-the-chair strap prevents the 1”-thick tray from sliding forward. Fits standard arm wheelchairs. Latex free. See wheelchair dimensions below.
6056 16”- 18” Vinyl, Blue $106.15 562209 16”- 18” Nylon,Black $106.05 562210 20”-22” Vinyl, Blue $118.75 562211 24”-26” Nylon, Black $165.50
                   Economy Arm Channel. Use with full and half style trays. Simply place brackets on armrest pads of wheelchair (full or desk arm), remove adhesive strips and set tray for seamless attachment.
14” long. Sold in pairs. Tray sold separately.
552818 $69.65
Sammons Preston® Replacement D-Ring Straps. Secures wheelchair tray around arm rest. Latex free.
606307 1”W x 16”L with plastic D-ring.
Pkg. of 10. $24.20
A707S 2”W x 15”L with metal D-ring. Pkg. of 2 $31.50
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