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     KaWe 27105 Combilight® Basic Set. Kit includes Combilight C10 Otoscope head standard illumination with pivoting triple-magnifying glasses; otoscope illuminant: vacuum bulb; Eurolight® E16 ophthalmoscope head with correction lens wheel in stages from +20 to -20 dioptres; 6 diaphragms; ophthalmoscope illuminant: vacuum bulb; handle; battery-/charging handle
C (medium) with screw closure; 3 reusable ear funnels: 1 x 2.5 mm, 1 x 3.5 mm, 1 x 4 mm; curved lamp support; 2 laryngeal mirrors: 1 x size 3, 1 x size 4; plastic spatula holder; chromium-plated nose spreader speculum with set screw; and spare bulb. Requires two C batteries (not included).
081513332 $328.95
Thermometers & Otoscopes
     8-Sec Ultra Premium Digital Thermometer. Produces high-speed, 8-second readout with professional accuracy. Super-sized display with Nite-Glo® is easy to read. Useful for oral, rectal or underarm readings on clients of all ages. Last- reading memory recall. Switchable from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Fever alarm sounds at 100°F (37.9°C) Includes storage case, 5 probe covers, long-life battery and instructions in English and Spanish.
566724 $10.95
KaWe 260480 Combilight Otoscope with Reusable Specula. Product includes screw closure; vacuum bulb; metal battery/ charging handle C; dimmable rheostat; three reusable ear funnels: 2.5/3.5/4.5 mm. Requires two
C batteries (not included).
08153340 $119.95
KaWe 24810 Eurolight with Disposable Specula. Product includes screw closure; vacuum bulb; metal battery-charging handle C; dimmable rheostat; disposable ear funnels:
10 x 2.5 mm and 10 x 4 mm. Requires two C batteries (not included).
081513357 $131.95
081545185 2.5mm 100 pk
081545193 4.0mm 100 pk
Piccolight® Pocket Otoscope. Extremely portable and lightweight with 3X pivoting magni- fying lens and a fiber optics halogen illumination. Includes 2.5V halogen bulb, 20 disposable specula (10 each 2.5 mm, 10 each 4.0 mm di- ameter); and nylon storage case. On-off switch is located on packet clip. Operates on two AA alka- line batteries (not included). Latex free.
555532 Black $165.35
55553201 2.5 mm Disposable Specula
(pkg. of 100) $25.95 55553202 4.0 mm Disposable Specula
(pkg. of 100) $25.95
  $23.20 $23.20
   Disposable Thermometers. Fast-reading digital ther- mometer. Easy-to-view measurements of both Centigrade and Fahrenheit provide user with added flexibility. Soft probe enhances patient comfort. Waterproof. Latex free.
081610658 Pack of 20
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