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                                    Stadiometers & Scales
    Health o meter® Professional Wall-Mounted Height Rod. The Professional PORTROD is a height- measuring instrument that can be mounted on the wall. It has inch and centimeter markings, and a bubble level to ensure accurate measure- ments. Measuring range is 235/8"–83" (61–212 cm). 081623743 $153.13
Detecto® 339 Physician Beam Scales with Height Rod. The Eye-Level Scale measures pounds and kilograms up to 400 lbs. in 4
oz. increments and 180 kg in 0.9 kg increments. Includes a black height rod with white inch and centimeter markings from 30"–78" and 76–198 cm. Platform is 101/2" x 141/2"
(27 x 37 cm). Scale wt.: 35 lbs. (16 kg). Latex free.
926636 $363.55
Health o meter® Professional 402KL Physician Balance Beam Scale. Maximum strength, steel base and lever system, easy-read numerials on poise bar. Also has nonslip textured cover on 101/2"W x 14"D x 31/4"H platform. Includes Silent Slide® height rod that measures 24"–84" x 1/8" (60–213 cm x 1 mm). Capacity: 390 lbs (180 kg) x 1/4 lb (100 g). 10-year limited warranty. White with black base. 105/8" x 201/2" x 571/4". 561612 $330.43
Detecto® 437 Eye-Level Physican Scale without Height Rod. Scale height is 59" (150 cm) and has a 400 lb. weight capacity. Features a platform cover which is easy to remove for cleaning. Measures in 4 oz. (.9 kg) increments (182 kg). 10.5" x 14.5" (27 x 37 cm) platform size. Latex free. 081501741 $341.91
 seca 216 Mechanical Stadiometer.
Variable scale with a range of 1.4 to 90 inches that is inserted into a 55.3" frame. The plastic frame is easily mounted on the wall at the desired height. As the user can choose the range shown in the frame, the seca 216 is suitable for measuring children or adults. The results are clearly displayed in a window on the side of the rod and held in place by the locking screw on the head piece.
557071 $236.83
seca 213 Mobile Stadiometer. At only 5.3 lbs., this stadiometer is especially suit- able for mobile use. The measuring rod can be dismantled into several pieces and set up easily and quickly. The spacer keeps the rod straight and stable without any fittings. As the scale is printed along the side of the measuring rod, it is easy to read off the re- sult while measuring, thus providing precise results – up to a height of 81 inches.
(205 cm) in 1/8" (1 mm) graduations.
081532720 $371.94
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