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  Built-in height rod
                                 Evaluation     Scales seca 703 Column Scale.
High-capacity scale with wireless transmission can be used to weigh most anyone—from small chil- dren to obese patients. It’s especially helpful when it comes to measuring BMI and height. Advantages include a high load-bearing capacity of up to 660 lbs. (250 kg), slip-resistant
cast iron base and anti-tip column design. Results can be transmitted wirelessly
via the seca 360° wire-
less system, Welch Allyn Connex® Spot Monitor,
Vital Signs Monitor and Integrated Wall System. Includes seca 220 mea- suring rod and six AA batteries. RS232 compatible. 081625334 $835.34
seca 769 Digital Column Scale. Versatile, low main- tenance and site independent with economic battery op- eration—the seca 769 is ideal for daily use in hospitals and doctors’ offices. With its transport castors, the column scale is easy to trans- port. Capacity: 450 lbs. (220 kg) in 0.2 (0.1 kg) increments. Functions: TARE, HOLD, BMI, lbs/kg switch-over, automatic switch-off. seca 220 measuring rod included for measurements from 24"–78" (60–200 cm). 557068 $556.43
Health o meter® Professional 599KL Physician Digital Waist-High Scale. Has 600-lb.
x 2 lb. (272 kg x 0.1 kg) weight capacity and features similar to the Physician (561613) at right, except for the silent height rod. EMR capable. Measures 141/4"W x 231/4"D
x 421/2"H. Platform measures 14 1/4"W x 141/4"D 25/8"H. Operates on 120V AC adapter included or six C-cell bat- teries (not included). LB/KG lockout. 561615 $720.44
Health o meter® Professional 597KL Physician Digital Eye- Level Scale. Features 600-lb. x 2-lb. (227 kg
x 0.1 kg) weight ca-
pacity and user-friendly
interface. Also has 350°
swivel display with 1"
LCD; 141/4" square plat-
form with 25/8" profile.
Functions: LB/KG con-
version, LB/KG lockout,
BMI, zero out/tare, hold/
release, auto zero, auto
off. EMR capable. Height
rod: 24"–84" x 1/8"
(61 x 213 cm). Wheels and handle offer maximum portability. Measures 141/4" x 22" x 543/4" (36 x 56 x 139 cm). Operates on 120V AC adapter included or 6 C-cell batteries (not included).
561613 $854.22
Health o
Chair Scale.
Handy 440-
lb. (200 kg)
weight capacity
scale in 1/4 lb.
beam on steel
frame with a
sanitary ABS plastic seat. Movable arms and folding footrest for easy access. Heavy duty wheels for portability. Seat: 181/2"W x 171/4"D x 153/4"H. Width between arms: 21" (53 cm). Overall: 243/8"W x 315/8"D x 397/8"H (61 x 81 x 105 cm). Latex free.
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333
561616 $888.68
Health o meter® Professional Digital Scales. 500-lb. (220
   kg) capacity in
0.2-lb. (0.1 kg)
increments. Easy-
read, 1" high LCD
display. Large, low-
profile platform
with non-skid mat
provides safer ac-
cess and stability.
EMR capable. User-friendly interface with full complement of digital functions in- cluding BMI. Strong aluminum pillar. Each is 14" x 16.7" (36 x 42.4 cm). LB/KG lockout.
500KL Eye-Level Scale. Built-in height rod adjusts from 30"–84" x 1/8"
(76 cm–213 cm).
566737 $657.45
499KL Waist-Level Scale. Built-in height rod not included.
566738 $624.71

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