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                                                              Speech Cognitive Activities
Cognitive Tasks
Attention Workbook
supports processing, concentra-
tion, discrimination, filtering and
persistence. 50 pages.
Memory Workbook de-
velops rote memory skills using
rhythm and rhyme, categorization,
visual imagery, reading compre-
hension and visual spatial memory
tasks. 80 pages.
Problem-Solving Workbook includes visual, verbal and math- ematical problems used to stimulate fundamental problem solving. 50 pages. 402201 Attention Workbook $67.10
402202 Memory Workbook $67.40 402203 Problem-Solving Workbook $59.50
Assisting Survivors of Traumatic Injury. This book helps prepares graduate students and practicing speech-language pathologists to serve patients with trau- matic brain injury (TBI). It is organized into three sections: Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury, Understanding the Role of Speech- Language Pathologists and Understanding Reintegration. Contents include definitions, epidemiology, injury severity; the major dis- orders associated with TBI such as amnesia, cognitive-communication impairments and swallowing disorders; and guidance in tran- sitioning survivors into family, community, educational and vocational settings. 081606953 $82.99
Living with an Acquired Brain Injury.
Designed for people who have recovered well enough from brain injury to prepare
for a return to independent living. Uses a very accessible, easy-to-read format which takes into account various learning styles resulting from brain injury. The sessions can be completed entirely at the pace that best suits the user. Exercises and tips described in the book include: budgeting, reading and understanding bill terminology, route orien- tation, form filling and planning a night’s entertainment. Includes a CD of comprehen- sive, downloadable activities.
081565613 $70.70
 Test of Memory and Learning, 2nd Edition (TOMAL-2). By Cecil R. Reynolds and Judith K. Voress. Includes delayed recall tasks for general and specific memory function needed for those who have mild head injuries. Testing time: 30 minutes for core and 60 minutes for supple- mentary; administered individually. Eight core sub-tests cover Verbal Memory Index, Nonverbal Memory Index and Composite Memory Index. Six supplementary sub-tests focus on Verbal Delayed Recall Index, Learning Index, Attention and Concentration Index, Sequential Memory Index, Free Recall Index and Associative Recall Index. Highly discernible, relevant scores. The most comprehensive coverage of memory assessment currently available in a standardized battery. Comes with Examiner’s Manual, Picture Books, Profile/Summary forms, Examiner Record book- lets, Delayed Recall Cue Cards, Test Board and chips in sturdy storage box.
081564277 $798.00
Activity Pillow. Therapeutic tool that provides motor, visual and tactile stimulation for adult clients with Alzheimer’s and diminished cogni- tive function. This 21” x 15” x 1” padded mat includes hook and
loop, buttoning, zipping, lacing
and tying. A hidden musical micro- chip plays festive music. Can be securely attached via hook and
loop closures to lap cushions,
trays and overbed tables.
920396 $60.52
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