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                                                                  Cognitive Activities Speech
     Retraining Cognition:
Techniques and Applications.
By Frederick J. Parente and Douglas
J. Herrmann. Provides techniques
for teaching problem solving, deci-
sion making, concept learning,
organization, planning and rea-
soning skills in general. Describes
how the human information pro-
cessing system works and how it
may fail after an injury. Contents
include models and theories of
cognitive rehabilitation, assessing
the multimodal system, retraining thinking skills, passive modal interventions and support ideas. 275 pages, hardcover. 081603042 $136.50
Building Word Recall. By
Susan Breiding. The practical and
progressive sequence for building
word recall skills moves clients
from automatic responses to pur-
poseful speech. All activities can be
adapted to the individual needs of
clients displaying mild, moderate
and severe impairments. Twelve
target skill areas include yes/no
usage, word association, sentence completion/daily life, sentence/ question, sentence/completion, contrasting pairs, people, objects, categories, functions, “wh” questions, describing yourself, se- quencing events and describing places. 425 pages, softcover. 081534254 $125.80
Sound Stories For Adults.
By Katie Schwartz, Claudia
Strauss, Cheryl Gross.
Functional adult-level reading
materials for specific speech
sound practice. For adults ex-
periencing dysarthria, apraxia,
other communication disorders,
people desiring to modify an
accent, speech reading practice
and for those working on general speech improvement. Contains six or more stories for each phoneme–consonants, vowels, diphthongs. Progresses in difficulty level and style. Variety of materials from general lifestyle to journalistic to business writing style. Approximately 200 pages of materials.
081504661 $54.50
Targeting Word
Retrieval. This
book focuses on
different aspects of
word retrieval, while
progressing in diffi-
culty. Exercises have
large print and can be
adapted for auditory or
reading comprehension,
verbal or written expression, spelling, memory or group
work. Workbook is about 80 pages. 081564269 $63.00
      Look to the Left. Valuable reference book for determining which vision quadrant or quadrants have been affected by brain damage. Helps clients learn to compensate for vision loss. Contains 30 graded puzzles involving drawing, puzzle solving, copy activities and reading exercises. Soft cover, spiral bound. Latex free.
4030 $98.05
Word-Finding ProgramTM. Repetition to retrain the process of calling up words and phrases is the key to successful word-finding therapy. 140 beautifully illustrated cards and a manual of word- retrieval exercises. Exercises relate to real-life experiences. Exercises involve opposites, occupations, synonyms, categories and questions. A cueing sequence is printed on the back of each card, and more cueing strategies are provided in the manual.
559031 $114.40
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