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Photo Scenes. Help
your patients improve
recall, problem solving
and reasoning skills
with these realistic
photo cards and ques-
tion prompts. Scenes
depicted are those
found in the home,
community and situa-
tions related to safety and technology. Questions enhance recall plus a range of cognitive skills. Kit includes 75 (5” x 7”) full-color photo cards and four reproducible record-keeping forms, all in a sturdy storage box.
081624824 $82.25
Card Player Card Holder.
Attractive, fan-shaped card
holder is perfect for anyone
with limited finger strength
and dexterity. Holds cards
snugly and provides a clear
view of cards. Can be held
comfortably by a weakened
or arthritic hand and can stand by itself on two non-skid legs. The holder is also great for phone messages, recipes, shopping lists, coupons, receipts, reminders, etc. Molded of a durable rigid plastic. Measures 4” x 8” (10 x 20 cm).
081607365 4-Pack $42.39
Plastic Card Holder.
This plastic playing-card
holder is lightweight but
stable. Slot opening of
1/2” narrows to 1/8” for
easy entry and a good
holding area. Measures
10”L x 2”W x 11/4”H. Latex free. 9431 $8.80
Hands-on Money
Kit. Ideal for training
and developing money identification, counting, paying and saving skills. Realistic imitation money kit includes: 44 pennies, 92 nickels, 88 dimes, 80 quarters, 8 half dollars and 190 bills in de- nominations from 1–50 dollars. Reflects changes in U.S. currency. Latex free. 4077 $43.45
Cognitive Activities
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
Reminiscence Wooden Puzzle. Designed especially for adults, these puzzles can address cognition, attention, visual closure and tracking/scanning. Features easy storage, transport and assembly. Three image reference sheets are beneficial for the patient to use during assembly or while answering questions. Includes three 24- piece, 9” x 12” puzzles in a sturdy, reusable tote bag. 081621242 $185.60
Deluxe Card Rack.
Walnut-stained fiberboard card rack holds all of the cards needed for any game. Grooves are slanted and rack is tiered
for good visibility. Measures 91/2”L x 5”W. Latex free. 9430 $22.31
Reminiscence Bingo. Encourages social interaction. Instead of numbers, it uses everyday topics such as school and work, recreation, family, seasons, weather and holidays. Includes 12 player cards, 200 chips, a master sheet, chips for the clinician and instruction manual. Latex free.
4025 $91.39 fax 1.800.547.4333

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