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                                                                   Cognitive Activities Speech
      So What Do You Think? Set. By Kathryn M. Kilpatrick and Joan Bryden. A truly unique set of questions to get conversation started with your clients. Each coated, 31/2” x 4” card has three different types of questions that can be answered briefly or be the begin- ning of an extended conversation: “What’s your favorite time of the day?” or “Describe a chore you don’t like to do.” Make questions into a game with family members, staff or visitors. The accompanying manual has the same questions and can be reproduced for writing down answers. Kit includes 50 cards, box, reproducible workbook. 081502665 $66.55
Thinking Cards. Specially designed for older adults with mild cognitive impairment and early Alzheimer’s disease. Features 100 mental exer- cises, abilities and memory tips to keep the mind active and strengthen existing skills...all while having fun! Activities include brainstorming, word activities, memory and music, creative thinking, plus learning new ways to see, hear, touch and smell. Includes 100 cards, 4” x 6” instruc- tion booklet and storage box. 564148 $30.30
Reality Orientation Chart. This 21” x 161/2” chart displays the day, date, year and weather using block letters on a white back- ground for maximum visibility. Spring clips of plated steel hold the full sets of cards in ready-to-use positions. The durable, high-strength polystyrene backboard can be mounted by using the mounting holes or being taped to a hard surface. Includes cards for all days and months; one blank card and eight weather conditions. Latex free. 920469 $65.65
Sharpen Your Senses Cards. Concentrating on the five senses al- lows users to imagine, reminisce, evaluate, guess and describe their responses to each question. Great for large or small adult groups
of all ages and for individuals seeking to improve mental fitness. Developed by author and memory loss specialist Kristin Einberger. Boxed set includes 120 laminated 4” x 6” cards in six categories, instructions and a facilitator’s booklet.
081606342 $34.95
Library of Vocabulary
Photographs. This
collection of full-color
photographs of common
objects and places offer
an engaging, easy way
to stimulate and mo-
tivate those who need
language development. Each photo is printed on 31/4” x 41/4” card with a protective varnish. Complete kit includes 13 picture groups; each group consists of 47 full-color cards enclosed in a soft plastic envelope, all in a sturdy carrying case.
558922 $187.25
Photo Cue
Cards. Each
package of
cards features
six 50-card sets
of photographs
of real-life
objects, people
and activities.
You can improve functional use of
language, provide structural drills and encourage social interaction while building vocabulary. Each card set offers pictures on a central theme: household objects, food and drink, local places, everyday ac- tivities, clothing and occupations.
558955 $176.90
Community Success. An illustrated encyclopedia of community-based skills. Follows a four-step learning process of sixty common activities—Review, Rehearse, Assess and Perform. All pages may be photo-copied for individual use. Latex free.
4050 $77.66
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