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                                                                  Transfer Boards     Fall Prevention
   Premium Patient Transfer Boards From Therafin
     SuperSlideTM Transfer Boards. Constructed from strong 3/8” thick, 7-ply premium birch with a clear, smooth plastic laminate finish.
• Medium sized boards are 24” long x 9” wide
• Large sized boards are 29” long x 9” wide
• Available with various hand hole configurations
• Optional non-skid pad on bottom increases
• Weight capacity 400 lbs.
• Latex free
552595 Medium with no hand holes $64.60 081505791 Medium with 2 hand holes
552596 Large with no hand holes (not shown) $76.75
081505817 Large with 2 hand holes $75.70
081543446 Medium with 1 hole & non-skid pad
081543453 Large with 2 hand holes & non-skid pad $79.75 081543461 Non-skid pad kit (add to any board) $16.15
  Therafin Commode Transfer Board. This 17”W x 27”L board does not need to be removed during an individual’s toileting routine after he/she transfers to the commode. Clear-sealed, 7-ply birch
wood board is 3/8” thick. The 1/2” thick, white plastic, high-density, moisture-proof board has two uniquely different sides. One side is striate-sanded for wet, bare skin transfers and the other is buff-sanded for clothing transfers. Bariatric transfer board is 1/2” thick and supports up to 650 lbs. Birch and Plastic boards supports up to 400 lbs.
562611       Bariatric Birch $107.25
Birch Board $84.80 Plastic Board $100.55
          SuperSlideTM Stable Transfer Board. Hooks around wheel, and has added width for stability. Constructed from 3/8” thick 7-ply birch with a clear, smooth plastic laminate finish. Measures 121/2”W x 29”L x 3/8”H and holds up to 400 lbs.
552593 $73.70
SuperSlideTM Transfer Board with Side Hand Holes.
Constructed from seven-ply birch, natural color with clear finish. Hand holes are enlarged for easier gripping. Holds up to 400 lbs. and measures 29”L x 9”W x 3/8”D.
552898 $62.60
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